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HTTP method
API version
version 2
Release date

This resource returns all minis in the game.


Optional parameters
  • lang – The language to query the names for.


If the root endpoint (/v2/minis) is accessed without specifying an id, a list of all ids is returned. When multiple ids are requested using the ids parameter, a list of response objects is returned.

For each requested mini id, an object with the following properties is returned:

  • id - The mini id.
  • name (string) – The mini name.
  • unlock (string) – A description of how to unlock the mini (only present on a few entries).
  • icon (string) – The mini icon.
  • order (number) – The sort order that is used for displaying the mini in-game.
  • item_id (number) – The item which unlocks the mini and can be resolved against /v2/items





  • Some miniatures have their name incorrectly set to ((208738)) and associated item id set to 6. As of September 2021, this applies to 33 of the 784 miniatures listed within the API. (ref)
    • Curiously this ID and name is set correctly from the reverse direction via /v2/items. The items affected are listed below with their correct miniature IDs, names and item IDs.)
  • There is also an anomaly with the Mini Mosquito (item #64216) (obtainable) and "Mini Revenant Rytlock" (item #63871) (unobtainable, not to be confused with Mini Revenant Rytlock Brimstone) - according to the API, they have the same mini ID of 265. The reply from the minis endpoint suggests this is the ID for the Mini Revenant Rytlock, not the Mini Mosquito.
List of bugged miniatures with name ((208738)) and item id 6
Mini Has miniature id Has game id
Mini Shrine Guardian 747 90009
Mini Exo-Suit Springer 717 88464
Mini Exo-Suit Raptor 715 88402
Mini Exo-Suit Skimmer 714 88437
Mini Exo-Suit Jackal 713 88469
Mini Exo-Suit Griffon 709 88389
Mini Awakened Raptor 699 87778
Mini Awakened Skimmer 694 87753
Mini Awakened Jackal 693 87626
Mini Awakened Springer 691 87760
Mini Awakened Griffon 689 87934
Mini Branded Skimmer 663 87203
Mini Branded Jackal 662 87141
Mini Branded Springer 661 87156
Mini Branded Raptor 660 87236
Mini Branded Griffon 657 87133
Mini Umbral Demon Skimmer 655 86948
Mini Lucky Lantern Puppy 654 86958
Mini Reforged Warhound Jackal 653 86956
Mini Grand Lion Griffon 652 86927
Mini Summit Wildhorn Springer 649 86939
Mini Resplendent Avialan Raptor 648 86950
Mini Cozy Wintersday Griffon 635 86581
Mini Cozy Wintersday Jackal 633 86692
Mini Cozy Wintersday Skimmer 631 86609
Mini Cozy Wintersday Springer 629 86644
Mini Cozy Wintersday Raptor 627 86693
Mini Spooky Jackal 611 85401
Mini Spooky Griffon 610 85461
Mini Spooky Springer 609 85458
Mini Spooky Raptor 605 85435
Mini Kormeerkat 602 85517
Mini Spooky Skimmer 599 85467