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A list of changes to the API by date.


  • July 15th
    • Added EquippedFromLegendaryArmory and LegendaryArmory values to equipment[i].location field.
  • July 14th
  • April 8th
    • PvP Sigils and Runes have been whitelisted in v2/items.
    • Output order of PvP Sigils corrected from [<primary weapon sigil 1>, <primary weapon sigil 2>, <secondary weapon sigil 1>, <secondary weapon sigil 2>] to [<primary weapon sigil 1>, <secondary weapon sigil 1>, <primary weapon sigil 2>, <secondary weapon sigil 2>].
  • April 7th
    • Added equipment_pvp under equipment_tabs in /v2/characters/:id (available from schema version 2021-04-06T21:00:00.000Z).
      • Older schema versions have also had their blank PvP equipment information fixed.


  • November 17th (/v2.json)
    • Changed the type of details.secondary_suffix_item_id from /v2/items to be an optional int.




  • September 22
    • Disabled all APIs (forum)
  • April 18
  • April 11
    • Updated /v2/files
      • Added the files ui_minor_trait_mask and ui_major_trait_mask (#387)
    • Updated /v2/guild/:id
      • Added member count and capacity as member_count and member_capacity (#447)
  • April 1
    • Breaking change to optimize all existing endpoints and replace them with emoji-endpoints (#475 and preview)
  • March 21
    • Re-enabled all APIs (forum)
    • Rate limits are now in effect (forum)
  • March 18
    • Disabled all APIs (forum)
  • February 2
    • Updated /v2/account
      • Added account age in seconds as age (#406 and #405)
    • Updated /v2/achievements
      • Fixed unused bits being exposed (#402)
    • Updated /v2/continents
      • Added label coordinates as label_coord (#378 and #334)
    • Updated /v2/items
      • Added Enrichment and Infusion flags to details.infusion_slots[].flags (#408)
    • Updated /v2/titles
      • Added support for titles awarded from multiple achievements as achievements, field achievement is now deprecated (#407)
      • Added the amount of achievements points required for titles, if needed, as ap_required (#407)


  • January 12
    • Updated /v2/account
      • Added the daily and monthly achievement points as daily and monthly (#147)
    • Updated /v2/achievements
      • Added support for repeatable achievements with the number of times it has been completed as repeated (#142)
      • Added the Repeatable flag (#142)
    • Updated /v2/skins
      • Added skin rarity as rarity (#163)
      • Added the OverrideRarity flag (#163)


  • October 27
    • Updated /v2/colors
      • Added the item id that unlocks the color as item (#88)
      • Added the in-game sort categories as categories (#88)
    • Updated /v2/wvw/objectives
      • Added label coordinates as label_coord (#101)
      • Fixed coordinates (these were actually the label coordinates, #101)
  • August 26
  • August 20
    • Added cache expiration headers: Cache-Control and Expires (#73)
  • June 23
    • Updated /v2/account
      • Added account creation date as created (#33)
    • Updated /v2/characters
      • Added character age in seconds as age (#33)
      • Added character deaths as deaths (#33)
    • Added support for the Accept-Language header (#30)



  • October 15
    • Updated /v1/wvw/match_details
      • Each object in the "maps" array was given a "bonuses" array. This array gives information on which bonuses are coming from each map, and which team has them. "Borderlands Bloodlust" ownership information appears in this array.
      • Fixed a bug which prevented Ruins objectives which time-decayed to a neutral/uncaptured state from being listed as "Neutral".
  • August 6
    • Enabled the rendering service for retrieving game assets in web-friendly form
    • Enabled /v1/files that lists some generic useful UI icons that can be retrieved from the rendering service
    • Updated /v1/item_details to show item icon ids that can be used in conjunction with the rendering service
  • June 22
    • Enabled /v1/event_details
      • This API returns more detailed information about events, including their starting position in the world. This can be used in conjunction with the map API to show the position of events on the world map.
  • June 20
    • Enabled /v1/maps and the world map tile service
      • These two services can be used together to create world maps outside of the game, and will serve as the basis for future map-based API content.
  • June 11
    • Updated /v1/events
      • Added a new state called "Inactive"
        • The inactive state is slightly different from the warmup state. An event in warmup is waiting for specific criteria to startup (usually, some amount of time must pass). An inactive event will stay inactive until it is activated by some external event.
  • June 7
    • Updated /v1/item_details
      • Consumable unlock items now show the type of unlock they perform
      • Consumable dyes and recipes now show the color_id and recipe_id they unlock
  • June 6
    • Updated /v1/item_details
      • Added bonus tiers for upgrade components
      • Fixed "SoulBindOnUse" flag for certain items
  • June 3
    • Updated /v1/colors
      • Added pre-calculated RGB values for users who only want an RGB value and are not planning to apply the color to a texture mask
      • Added base_rgb value to each color returned
      • It now only returns "dye" colors (previously it returned skin, eye, hair, etc. colors in addition to dyes)
  • June 2
    • Updated /v1/colors
      • Color values should be more useful
      • Fixed JSON types
      • The colors now only include the materials that are actually defined for them
  • June 1
    • Updated /v1/colors
      • The color values have been improved to be easier to use, and localized text names for the colors were added
    • Updated /v1/guild_details
      • Emblem information is now easier to parse
  • May 31
  • May 23
    • Added the following Cache-Control header for dynamic content: Cache-Control: no-cache
  • May 20
    • Added support for CORS: Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *