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Mist Champions are unique characters that can be summoned during Stronghold in structured PvP.


  • Mist essence takes 30 seconds to become active and allow players to channel mist champions. Channeling a mist champion takes 10 seconds and can be interrupted.
  • Mist champions will focus on objectives, ignoring fights in lanes until it has reached the furthest point that the team has progressed to.
  • The mist essence is located on both sides. The first mist essence activates on the side of the team that is behind in points and is then chosen randomly.
  • One side can have both mist champions active at the same time.
  • If the mist champion(s) survive long enough, it is possible for a side to have more than 2 at once.


  • Mist Champion War Cry.png War Cry — This skill will trigger when the Mist Champion is summoned.
  • Mist Champion Passive.png Passive — This effect will constantly pulse around the Mist Champion.
  • Mist Champion Elite.png Elite — This skill will be triggered once the Mist Champion has entered the enemy lord's room.


List of mist champions[edit]

Mist Champion Type Abilities
Type Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Grymm Svaard Reward Box.png
Grymm Svaard map icon.png
Grymm Svaard Offensive Mist Champion War Cry.png
Cannon Barrage.png
 Cannon Barrage
Fire cannon balls at all enemies on the map, knocking down and burning all enemies hit.
Mist Champion Passive.png
Steel and Fury.png
 Steel and Fury
Grants fury and a 50% chance on critical. Trigger a cannonball for area-of-effect damage and knock down (180 radius).
(Cooldown: 5 Seconds)
Mist Champion Elite.png
Nomad II Broadside.png
 Nomad II Broadside
2 60 Call down a cannon barrage, knocking down enemies and dealing 20% damage to the enemy lord.
Turai Ossa icon.png
Turai Ossa map icon.png
Turai Ossa Defensive Mist Champion War Cry.png
Shield of Elona.png
 Shield of Elona
Allies gain a protective shield that blocks all incoming attacks for a time.
Mist Champion Passive.png
Desert Carapace.png
 Desert Carapace
Pulses aegis. Every attack you block grants protection.
Mist Champion Elite.png
Bane of Joko.png
 Bane of Joko
40.25¼ 60 Taunts nearby enemies and damages them for 20% of their health.
Nika (item).png
Nika map icon.png
Nika Specialist Mist Champion War Cry.png
Furtive Glance.png
 Furtive Glance
Players and their lord gain stealth for a long duration. If allies strike out of this stealth, they will blind their target.
Mist Champion Passive.png
Smoke and Daggers.png
 Smoke and Daggers
Grants stealth to nearby allies. Attacking in stealth will blind targets.
Mist Champion Elite.png
Fade to Black.png
 Fade to Black
0.5½ 60 Turn invisible and slash all enemies at high speed for 20% of their health, dazing and blinding upon becoming visible again.
Tybalt Leftpaw (item).png
Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw map icon.png
Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw Defensive Mist Champion War Cry.png
Apple Drop.png
 Apple Drop
Drops apples around allies. Allies can pick up apples to cleanse a condition and gain resistance.
Mist Champion Passive.png
An Apple a Day (effect).png
 An Apple a Day
Pulses resistance to allies around Tybalt and drops apples around allies. Allies can pick up apples to cleanse a condition and gain resistance.
Mist Champion Elite.png
Rotten Apple.png
 Rotten Apple
2 60 Tybalt drops apples on his enemies heads, stunning enemies and poisoning them over time.