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The world map tile service provides game tiles that can be used to generate a world map outside of the game. The service is designed to provide tile data in a form compatible with the Google Maps API, Leaflet, and similar map libraries. The tile format is described here.

A tile can be accessed by constructing a URL in the following form:


Valid continents and floors can be obtained using the continents resource. The map_floor resource contains useful information like the size of each floor, and bounding rects. The bounding rects define which tiles are available for download, as well as the area of the map that should be presented to the user. Tiles outside of the boundaries are not available from the service.

The map tile service does not currently include map interiors, which are used to provide detailed overlays on some parts of the world map, such as when a character enters a cave.


A rudimentary example by Cliff Spradlin using the service is available here


To increase loading speed of apps using the service, there are a number of DNS aliases set up for the tile service. Documentation on how to take advantage of this using Leaflet is available in the Leaflet API docs.



An example showing subdomain sharding for improved performance is available here


Map tiles have not been regenerated since the introduction of Living World Season 4 and as such are outdated and do not include any maps introduced after this point. (ref)
  • The fonts used for the in-game map are available as assets.