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HTTP method
API version
version 2
Release date

This resource returns information about all available Guild Hall upgrades, including scribe decorations.


  • lang (string) – Request localized content.


If the root endpoint (/v2/guild/upgrades) is accessed without specifying an id, a list of all ids is returned. When multiple ids are requested using the ids parameter, a list of response objects is returned.

For each requested upgrade id, an object with the following properties is returned:

  • id (number) – The upgrade id.
  • name (string) – The name of the upgrade.
  • description (string) – The guild upgrade description.
  • type (string) – The upgrade type. Some upgrade types will add additional fields to describe them further. Possible values:
    • AccumulatingCurrency – Used for mine capacity upgrades.
    • BankBag – Used for guild bank upgrades. Additional main fields include:
      • bag_max_items (number) – The maximum item slots of the guild bank tab.
      • bag_max_coins (number) – The maximum amount of coins that can be stored in the bank tab.
    • Boost – Used for permanent guild buffs such as waypoint cost reduction.
    • Claimable – Used for guild WvW tactics.
    • Consumable – Used for banners and guild siege.
    • Decoration – Used for decorations that must be crafted by a Scribe.
    • GuildHall - Used for claiming a Guild Hall.
    • GuildHallExpedition Used for the Expedition unlock.
    • Hub – Used for the Guild Initiative office unlock.
    • Queue - Used for Workshop Restoration 1.
    • Unlock – Used for permanent unlocks, such as merchants and arena decorations.
  • icon (string) – A URL pointing to an icon for the upgrade.
  • build_time (number) – The time it takes to build the upgrade.
  • required_level (number) – The prerequisite level the guild must be at to build the upgrade.
  • experience (number) – The amount of guild experience that will be awarded upon building the upgrade.
  • prerequisites (array) – An array of upgrade IDs that must be completed before this can be built.
  • costs (array) – An array of objects describing the upgrade's cost. Each object in the array has the following properties:
    • type (string) – The type of cost. One of Item, Collectible, Currency, Coins
    • name (string, optional) – The name of the cost.
    • count (number) – The amount needed.
    • item_id (number, optional) – The id of the item, if applicable, resolvable against v2/items.


  "id": 55,
  "name": "Guild Treasure Trove",
  "description": "Gain access to a 100-slot guild vault.",
  "build_time": 0,
  "icon": "https://render.guildwars2.com/file/072502CEDCD72BF84E59280B46C5CFDEE6011FE1/1228510.png",
  "type": "BankBag",
  "required_level": 20,
  "experience": 35,
  "prerequisites": [ 58, 350 ],
  "bag_max_items": 100,
  "bag_max_coins": 10000000,
  "costs": [
      "type": "Collectible",
      "count": 1500,
      "name": "Guild Favor",
      "item_id": 70701
      "type": "Currency",
      "count": 3000,
      "name": "Aetherium"
      "type": "Coins",
      "count": 500000,