Candy Corn Gobbler

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Candy Corn Gobbler

Item type
Account Bound
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Use this and 3 of your candy corn for a festive Halloween transform or a random boost.

— In-game description



  • Can only be used every 5 seconds.
  • Cannot be used while in combat, mounted, underwater, or otherwise transformed except for the transformations granted by itself.
  • Cannot be used in Instances and in PvP.
  • You must have candy corn in inventory, this item cannot be used directly from bank.
  • Upon using this item, the player will either receive a random transformation or a random boost, at the cost of 3 Pieces of Candy Corn.
  • Each successful use extends the boost duration by 7 or 10 minutes (for Experience or Item Boosts) or 15 minutes (all others).
  • It has a small chance of giving more than one bonus per use. You can even get two of the same type like 2x7 minutes Experience Booster.
  • After the Lunar New Year Update 2018 Strength Boosters, Armor Boosters, Rejuvenation Boosters, and Speed Boosters no longer work in WvW. Using the Candy Corn Gobbler in WvW will not give any of these boosters and instead grant a transformation.
  • "Drop rate" research for PvE can be found here.
  • "Drop rate" research for WvW can be found here.
Effect Description
Experience Bonus (fifty percent).png Experience Booster +50% Experience in All Game Types +50% Reward Track Gain in PvP and WvW Up to 100% Bonus Experience from Kill Streaks
Magic Find Boost.png Item Booster +50% Magic Find +50% Chance of Critical Crafting Experience Gain +33% Chance of Extra Gathering Strike 10 seconds of Swiftness after Gathering Summons a Black Lion Merchant If Your Inventory Is Full after Gathering (20-Minute Cooldown)
Karma Bonus (fifty percent).png 50% Karma Bonus Increase Karma gain by 50%
Speed Bonus (fifteen percent).png 15% Speed Bonus Increase movement speed by 15%. Will be removed if you enter competitive PvP or a raid.
Damage Reduction (five percent).png 5% Damage Reduction Decrease incoming damage by 5%. Will be removed if you enter competitive PvP or a raid.
Healthful Rejuvenation.png Healthful Rejuvenation Regenerate health. Will be removed if you enter competitive PvP or a raid.