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Otter's Blessing Enrichment

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Otter's Blessing Enrichment

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Double-click to apply to an unused enrichment slot. Infuses equipment with Otter's Blessing. +20% Magic Find

— In-game description



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  • When placed on an amulet, the wearer gains a ghostly otter companion, perhaps the Spirit of the Wild Otter herself, that swims in the air around them for brief periods of time, before disappearing. It makes no sound.
    • The otter appears completely at random. Sometimes it will appear 3 times in a row, and others it will remain hidden for over 3 minutes. The otter has 5 different animations it can perform.
    • The otter appears around the player; it will always stick to them, even if the player is racing at full speed on a Roller Beetle.
  • Like all other cosmetic infusions, the effect still occurs when transformed, such as by Endless Kodan Tonic, or by Photon Forge; as well as when mounted.
  • A random animation can be triggered manually by consuming a Memory of Otter.
    • Equipping the amulet often triggers one of the animations, but never any of the other 4.
  • Only one can be obtained by completing the achievement Significant Otter, as no duplicate or replacement can be obtained for now.
  • Visible by other players.