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An enrichment is a type of upgrade component that goes into enrichment slots, which can only be found on ascended and legendary amulets. Since only one amulet with a single enrichment slot can be equipped at a time, a character can only have one enrichment per equipment template. An enrichment can be removed from an amulet using an Infusion Extraction Device.

List of enrichments[edit]


Laurel Vendor enrichments
Name Bonus Cost
Gilded Infusion.pngGilded Enrichment +20% Gold from Monsters 20 Laurel
Magical Infusion.pngMagical Enrichment +20% Magic Find 20 Laurel
Experienced Infusion.pngExperienced Enrichment +20% Experience from Kills 10 Laurel
Karmic Infusion.pngKarmic Enrichment +15% Karma 10 Laurel
WvW Laurel Vendor enrichments
Name Bonus Cost
WxP Enrichment.pngWxP Enrichment +10% WvW Experience 5 Laurel + 125 Badges of Honor
WvW Reward Track Enrichment.pngWvW Reward Track Enrichment +5% WvW Reward Track Gain 5 Laurel + 125 Badges of Honor


Cosmetic enrichments
Name Bonus Acquisition Notes
Koda's Warmth Enrichment.pngKoda's Warmth Enrichment +15% Karma Arenanet Points.png Koda's Blessing Duplicates can be purchased for 5 Laurel + 1 Offering to Koda.png after completion
Otter's Blessing Enrichment.pngOtter's Blessing Enrichment +20% Magic Find Arenanet Points.png Significant Otter Duplicates can be purchased for 5 Laurel + 50 Memory of Otter.png after completion
Celebratory Birthday Enrichment.pngCelebratory Birthday Enrichment +15% Karma Arenanet Points.png Birthday—Year 8 Duplicates can be purchased for 25 Laurel + Gold coin after completion
Kryptis Rift Extraction.pngWurm's Enrichment Choice Chest selectable Arenanet Points.png Frode's Journal Duplicates can be purchased for 20 Laurel + 1 Clot of Congealed Screams.png after completion


  • Previously, enrichments were known as utility infusions, a type of infusion. These were only usable with ascended amulets, which could have a utility infusion slot. Due to their distinctly unique usage from other infusions, the item category was renamed and made separate in the July 26, 2016 update.

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