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Pet Skyscale Whistle

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Account Bound
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A pet skyscale that you can play with in the world and teach new tricks. Learning every trick will also unlock a miniature version of the skyscale. Double-click to unlock this item in your wardrobe.

— In-game description

Pet Skyscale Whistle is a novelty toy that allows you to summon a companion Skyscale, which you can interact with.


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Gem Store Gem Store 800 Gem

Contained in[edit]


Your skyscale has an idea. Use this skill to unlock it permanently.

— Unlock Trick

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Scratch.png Scratch 10 Call your skyscale over and show them affection.
2 Feed (Pet Skyscale).png Feed 1 Get a magically infused fish ready for your skyscale to eat.
2 Redirect Arrow.pngSpinning Lob.png Throw Fish 7 Throw the fish for your skyscale.
3 Power Bite.png Roar 2 Command your skyscale to let out a powerfull roar.
4 Fire Breath.png Fireball 4 Tell your skyscale to shoot a fireball at the target location.
5 Sit (Pet Skyscale).png Sit 5 Tell your skyscale to sit in place.
5 Redirect Arrow.pngReturn (Pet Skyscale).png Return 1 Have the skyscale return to you.
6 Fireworks (Pet Skyscale).png Fireworks 0.5½ Have your skyscale put on a little fire display.
7 Volleyball.png Volleyball 1 Tell your skyscale to get into position to play volleyball.
7 Redirect Arrow.pngThrow Volleyball (Pet Skyscale).png Throw Volleyball 0.75¾ 1 Throw the ball to your skyscale to begin playing volleyball.
8 Hide-and-Seek (Pet Skyscale).png Hide-and-Seek 5 Play hide-and-seek with your skyscale. Be sure to find a spot where the skyscale can't see you.
8 Redirect Arrow.pngStop Playing (Pet Skyscale).png Stop Playing 1 Stop playing hide-and-seek with your skyscale.
9 Play Dead (Pet Skyscale).png Play Dead 8 Tell your skyscale to play dead.
10 Send Home (Pet Skyscale).png Send Home 1 Dismiss your skyscale.
Special action Investigate New Skill.png Investigate New Skill 8 Let the skyscale look around and learn a new skill.
Training Readiness (Pet Skyscale).png Training Readiness Explore the major cities with your skyscale to find locations to learn new tricks.

Check the Skyscale Toy Training achievement in the Black Lion Collections tab for more hints on where to unlock each skill.
Training Fatigue (Pet Skyscale).png Training Fatigue Your skyscale can't learn any new tricks right now.


Your skyscale is tired. It'll need time before it is ready to learn a new trick.

— Training Fatigue

  • Can only learn one ability per 30 minutes. Progress is account bound.
  • Abilities are learnt by visiting different places in main cities. See Skyscale Toy Training for detailed guide.
  • The pet starts out with the first three abilities.
  • Learning places are indicated by the Skyscale Training (overhead icon).png overhead icon, which is also indicated on the Skyscale Training (map icon).png minimap.


  • (whistle)
  • Hey there, buddy.
  • Play dead!
  • Fire!


Upon purchase, players will receive the following in-game mail



Delivery from: Black Lion Trading Company

Here are the items you purchased. Thanks for your support!

Pet Skyscale Whistle.pngPet Skyscale Whistle

Related achievements[edit]


  • While the pet is active, the player has the effect My Skyscale Buddy.png My Skyscale Buddy.
  • Stowed while gliding, and applies the effect My Basenji Buddy.png My Skyscale Buddy.
  • Cannot mount while the pet is active.
  • Can be used underwater and in WvW.
  • Players cannot interact with NPCs while the whistle is in use.

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