Aviator's Memory Box

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Aviator's Memory Box

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Account Bound
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This fun inventory item spawns a box for everyone to use. Interacting with the box causes everything you see to appear in film grain and extends your arms so you're ready for takeoff!
This item has infinite uses.

Cannot be used in PvP, WvW, or dungeons. Adding this item to your wardrobe may slightly adjust its functionality.

— In-game description

Aviator's Memory Box creates a box of aviator caps for anyone to play with. Effects can only be seen by players that interact with the box.


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Gem Store Gem Store 400 Gem.png

Contained in[edit]


  • Characters spread their arms outward and have a forced smile.
    • Arm position will remain during emotes, such as dancing.
    • Many attack animations will be altered.
    • Transformations that track the player model will work "normally". For instance, players using Ride Broom on an Enchanted Broom will continue to hold the broom in their hand.
  • Characters make airplane noises while moving, jumping, and falling (adjusted with dialog volume options). Players will start with a take-off sound when they start moving and have a landing sound when they stop moving.
  • Aviator Cap is worn by all characters, in addition to normal helm if not hidden.
  • Cameras use sepia tone filters if the post-processing option is on high.
  • While defeated, unique music is played.
  • The effect can be removed by interacting with the box again, or by logging out to character select, or by using a transformation tonic (not all transformations work, eg. Endless Boss Chest Tonic does).


  • This item has infinite uses.
  • Cannot be used in PvP, WvW, or dungeons.
  • Gives effect Transformed (Aviator).


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