Living World Season 2 Complete Pack

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Living World Season 2 Complete Pack

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— In-game description

Experience an epic journey through all eight episodes of Living World Season 2 that leads to the Heart of Maguuma and puts you alongside fellow heroes to take a stand against an ancient and growing threat. The suspense and action builds with every episode to a finale you won't soon forget.

— Official website shop

Living World Season 2 Complete Pack is an account upgrade pack.


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Gem Store Gem Store 1,280 Gem


  • Purchase via the official website shop.
  • Purchase Guild Wars 2 - Complete Collection on Steam. The Living World DLC (Seasons 2-5) cannot be purchased on Steam separately.



  • This pack offers a discount of 20% compared to the price of individual episodes unlocked by the Story Journal tab of Hero panel.
  • The cost of the package is prorated appropriately for those who have already unlocked one or more episodes, e.g. 7 episodes will cost 1/8 less, or 1,120 Gem.
  • Calculation of a sale discount e.g. 1,600 Gem (total single episode price) * 0.8 (20% base discount) = 1,280 Gem (pack price) * 0.7 (30% sale discount) = 896 Gem (discounted pack price) = 0.56 (44% total discount) * 1,600 Gem.
If any episode has been unlocked as a part of the Living World Return event, the bundle might show it as still being locked. The bundle's price will also not be adjusted.

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