Molten Alliance Mining Pick

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Molten Alliance Mining Pick.png

Molten Alliance Mining Pick

Item type
Mining pick
Molten Alliance Mining Pick
Account Bound
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Used to mine all metals. Unlimited use.
Upgrade Slot.png Unused Glyph Slot

— In-game description


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Black Lion Weapons Specialist Black Lion Weapons Specialist Trader's Forum Lion's Arch Molten Alliance Mining Pick.png
Black Lion Statuette/historical Black Lion Statuette (currently unavailable) 45 Black Lion Statuette.png
Gem Store/storage Gem Store (currently unavailable) 1,000 Gem.png


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  • The gathering animation creates a Lava Font animation on the node.
  • Soulbound versions of this item can be exchanged for account bound versions at the Black Lion Weapons Specialist in any major city's bank (not The Vaults in Lion's Arch), but the tool must first be unequipped and in your inventory before interacting with them - if the tool is equipped, the dialouge does not appear. Not all Black Lion Weapon Specialists offer this option.
  • Was originally available for 800 Gem.png when it was soulbound. The price was increased when the item was made account bound.
  • In Lion's Arch, only the Black Lion Weapons Specialist inside Black Lion Trading HQ in Trader's Forum, can exchange the soulbound version.

Gem Store history[edit]