Lucky Dog Harvesting Tool

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Lucky Dog Harvesting Tool

Item type
Harvesting sickle
Lucky Dog Harvesting Tool
Account Bound
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Used to harvest all plants. Unlimited use.
Glyph of the Scavenger.png Glyph of the Scavenger

— In-game description

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Vendor Area Zone Cost
Black Lion Exchange Specialist Black Lion Exchange Specialist Dwayna High Road
Trade Commons
Trader's Forum
Memorial Quadrant
Interdisciplinary Accessium
Royal Terrace
Havoc's Heir
Reckoner's Terrace
Bay of Elon
Divinity's Reach
Lion's Arch
Black Citadel
Rata Sum
Divinity's Reach
Gendarran Fields
The Grove
Mistlock Sanctuary
Crystal Oasis
Armistice Bastion
Lucky Dog Harvesting Tool.png
Black Lion Trader (Merchant) Black Lion Trader Trader's Forum Lion's Arch Lucky Dog Harvesting Tool.png
Black Lion Statuette/historical Black Lion Statuette (currently unavailable) 45 Black Lion Statuette.png
Gem Store/storage Gem Store (currently unavailable) 1,000 Gem.png


When used underwater, the node is harvested at 50% of the standard channel time.


  • This is a reference to the Chinese Year of the Dog, in which both the release of this item and the New Year celebration took place in 2018.
  • With its appearance and behavior, it bears a resemblance to Dogmeat, a dog of the same breed from Fallout 4, where he is a companion who can be sent to find and bring items.

Gem Store history[edit]