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Gifting interface.

Black Lion Trading Company gifting icon.pngGifting describes a feature inherent to the Gem Store, which allows players to gift certain items to another player.


Appearance of a gift mail.
  • Items that can be gifted to other players are marked by a Gem Store Gift icon.png icon.
  • The gifting interface allows the player to choose between several listing options: from displaying all possible recipients to showing only friends, guild or party members.
    • If a gift candidate is online, only the character name will be displayed.
    • The list displays account names for offline individuals, even if the actual player has been nicknamed.
  • The gifter can choose to send gifts to multiple persons by ticking additional check boxes; should the combined value of the gifts exceed the available funds of the player, the total price is highlighted in red.
  • It is possible to include a personal message (with a character limit of 500).

List of giftable items[edit]

Disclaimer: This list does not differentiate between current and historical items.

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  • Free accounts are unable to gift items. The gifting icon will appear grayed out.
    • Upon hovering over the icon, it shows: "Upgrade your account to gain access to this feature. Click the upgrade banner on your screen to purchase Path of Fire!"
  • A gift cannot be traced back to its sender.
  • Except for bundles (including style bundles or specific packages), mail carriers, finishers and the majority of account upgrades, every Gem Store item is giftable.