Glacial Logging Tool

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Glacial Logging Tool.png

Glacial Logging Tool

Item type
Logging axe
Glacial Logging Tool
Account Bound
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Skin link
92634, 99984
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Perfect for use on all types of trees. Unlimited use.
Glyph of the Timekeeper.png Glyph of the Timekeeper

— In-game description

Glacial Logging Tool is an unlimited logging axe. There are two versions, one with a glyph and one without.


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Sold by[edit]

  • The individually purchased tool comes with the glyph.
Vendor Area Zone Cost
Gem Store/unavailable Gem Store (item currently unavailable) 1,000 Gem

Contained in[edit]


  • Gathering time is roughly 4.7 seconds with this tool
  • If the gatherer is under the effects of quickness when gathering starts then the gathering time is reduced by ~33% to 3.1 seconds.
  • However, when Glyph of Industry is applied to this tool then the gathering time is 2.35 seconds, and quickness has no additional effect whatsoever!

Gem Store history[edit]