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Digital Deluxe Upgrade

Digital Deluxe Upgrade banner.jpg

Gem Store banner.

Upgrade your account to Digital Deluxe and receive:

–five Guild Commendations
–a one-time PvP rank-point bonus
–a two-week Banker Golem
–a Mini Rytlock
–the Mistfire Wolf elite skill
–all the items from Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition

These items will be delivered to you the next time you log in to Guild Wars 2.

— In-game description

Digital Deluxe Upgrade is an account upgrade.


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Gem Store Gem Store 2,000 Gem



  • This upgrade grants a Heroic Chest, regardless of whether it has already been acquired from the Heroic Edition.
  • Originally this bundle did not include the Heroic Chest.
  • Heroic Edition items are only available to accounts that purchased the Digital Deluxe Upgrade after August 2013—when they were first offered.
  • Not available to Free Accounts. Requires Full Account to purchase.
  • The name of this bundle may lead to some misconception that buying it upgrades a free account to an unrestricted account. In fact, it is just a gem store combo containing various items and Mistfire Wolf unlock.
  • Each of your characters will receive their own Golem Banker, including new characters created after purchasing the upgrade.


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