Lava Lounge Pass Bundle (2 weeks)

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Lava Lounge Pass Bundle (2 weeks).png

Lava Lounge Pass Bundle (2 weeks)

Lava Lounge Pass Bundle (2 weeks) banner.jpg

Gem Store banner.

Located in Ember Bay

  • Quick Travel to All Cities
  • Crafting Stations
  • Bank and Guild Bank Access
  • Mystic Forge
  • Merchants
  • And more! All within easy reach, for those who enjoy the ultimate convenience.

    Unlocks the Living World Season 3 episode Rising Flames.

    This pack contains the following items:
  • Lava Lounge Pass
  • 2. Rising Flames

— In-game description

Lava Lounge Pass Bundle (2 weeks) is a Gem Store bundle.


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Gem Store Gem Store 150 Gem.png
Gem Store/unavailable Gem Store (item currently unavailable) 350 Gem.png


[verification requested] The contents are directly sent via an in-game mail titled "Delivery from: Black Lion Trading Company".


  • Pricing is adjusted dynamically if the player already owns a part of the bundle.
  • This bundle was first made available on February 1st, 2017.
  • Not visible in the store interface to Free-to-Play players.