Pet Dog Whistle: Basenji

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Pet Dog Whistle: Basenji

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Account Bound
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A pet dog that you can play with in the world and teach new tricks over time. Double-click to unlock this item in your wardrobe.

— In-game description

Pet Dog Whistle: Basenji is a novelty toy that allows you to summon a companion Basenji, which you can interact with.


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Gem Store Gem Store 500 Gem

Contained in[edit]


  • Available from Prime Gaming promotion for accounts who have Amazon Prime, including its trial version, between October 10, 2022 and November 10, 2022.


Playing and bonding with your pet regularly will allow them to learn new tricks over time. Keep using the commands your pet already knows to eventually teach them new ones.

— Playing with Your Dog

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Pat.png Pat 5 Call your dog over and show them affection.
2 Treat.png Treat 10.25¼ 5 Call your dog over and give them a treat.
3 Play Fetch.png Play Fetch 0.5½ 8 Throw a ball for your dog to chase and bring back to you.
4 Sit.png Sit 5 Tell your dog to sit in place.
5 Speak.png Speak 5 Tell your dog to howl.
6 Lay Down.png Lay Down 5 Tell your dog to lie down and stay in place.
7 Shake.png Shake 5 Tell your dog to give you its paw.
8 Roll Over.png Roll Over 5 Tell your dog to roll over.
9 Play Dead.png Play Dead 1 5 Tell your dog to play dead.
10 Send Home.png Send Home 5 Dismiss your dog.
Training Readiness.png Training Readiness Your dog is ready to begin learning new tricks.
Training Fatigue.png Training Fatigue Your dog can't learn any new tricks right now.
Skill.png Trick Unavailable Play with your dog to eventually teach it new tricks.


  • The pet starts out with the first two skills.
  • Can only learn one skill a day. Progress is account bound.
  • It takes approximately ten interactions to learn a new skill.
  • Sometimes the dog will not execute a command and instead “snap” at its owner while a breaking heart symbol animation is visible above its head.


  • (whistle)
  • Hey there, buddy.
  • That's my dog.
  • Who's a good pup?
  • Sit.
  • Speak.
  • Lay down.
  • Shake.
  • Roll over.


Upon purchase, players will receive the following in-game mail



Delivery from: Black Lion Trading Company

Here are the items you purchased. Thanks for your support!

Pet Dog Whistle- Basenji.pngPet Dog Whistle: Basenji

Upon unlocking the novelty item


Black Lion Adoption Services

Your New Pet Dog

Thank you for adopting your new pet dog! Your furry friend is very eager to meet you!

In addition to being a faithful companion who will happily follow you all over Tyria, your dog is also capable of performing several neat tricks. They know a couple of commands already, and you should be able to teach them even more over time.

With enough patience, love, and affection, we're certain you two will become the best of friends in no time.



  • While the pet is active, the player has the effect My Basenji Buddy.png My Basenji Buddy.
  • Stowed while gliding.
  • Cannot mount while the pet is active.
  • Can be used underwater and in WvW.
  • Neither of the mails will be received if the novelty was acquired as a gift.
  • Players cannot interact with NPCs while the whistle is in use.
  • Speech bubbles and character sounds remain unnoticeable to other players.
  • Temporarily hides the ranger's pet.
While another summoned ally such as Feline Familiar or Sous Chef - which can be summoned simultaneously - remains in the world, the Basenji does not spawn. Players can still activate the toy's skills, although they will be playing with an invisible pet.
When activated, all necromancer's minions are destroyed and generate life force.

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