How to Dance, Volume 1

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How to Dance, Volume 1

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Account Bound
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This volume teaches you how to perform the "Dodge Step," "Inventory Shuffle," and "Gear Grind" dance moves. You also gain the ability to invite others to follow along in a dance you control.

Double-click to receive these dance skills and the Dancing Spirit buff.

— In-game description

How to Dance, Volume 1 is a gizmo purchased from the Gem Store that gives access to three dances when used. Players can follow a lead dancer and do the same dance. If the leader stops or changes dances, so does the player. This involves the effect Invitation to Dance. Using How to Dance, Volume 1 permanently unlocks the dance moves as player emotes. They can be used with the slash commands /step, /geargrind, and /shuffle.


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Gem Store Gem Store 400 Gem.png

Contained in[edit]


Lead dancer
# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
6 Stop Dancing.png Stop Dancing 0.5½ End the dancing spirit and return to your regular skills.
7 Dodge Step.png Dodge Step Step in the circle.
Step out of the circle.
8 Inventory Shuffle.png Inventory Shuffle Can't stop shuffling.
9 Gear Grind.png Gear Grind Keep on dungeon-running.
0 Follow Along.png Follow Along 3 Tag a player who has the dancing spirit to follow their dance steps.
Tagging players who don't have the dancing spirit invites them to follow your moves. This increases the recharge time.
Following dancer
# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
0 Follow Along.png Freestyle 2 Keep on dancing, but stop following a lead dancer.



  • The Lead Dancer will be marked by the Lead Dancer.png Lead Dancer effect.
  • You can also obtain these skills randomly after using Box of Fun and Super Adventure Box o' Fun.
  • If a player accepts the invitation to join the dance, utility skills will be replaced, the elite skill is replaced by Exit Transformation (so you can leave the dance).
  • Since September 17, 2019 update after using the item player receive letter sent by Black Lion Trading Company.

Black Lion Trading Company

How to Dance, Better

Greetings, friendly customer!

We'd like to thank you for supporting Black Lion Trading Company by purchasing our "How To Dance, Volume 1" novelty item.

Thanks to our asuran researchers, we're happy to announce you can now perform your new dances whenever you want - no bundle required! Using method called "slash commands," you can now recall dances - no matter how intricate they may be - at any time. Just recite the command and let our body run wild. You'll be dancing like a pro in no time!

Saying the following slash commands out loud will cause you to immediately burst into dance:

Dodge Step: /step

Inventory Shuffle: /shuffle

Gear Grind: /geargrind

Note: Black Lion Trading Company is not liable for any harm incurred while dancing. Please dance responsibly.

Happy dancing!

—The Black Lion Trading Company

Gem Store history[edit]