Daily Kill Variety

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Daily Kill Variety [[|20px|link=Daily (historical achievements)]] Daily (historical achievements) AP.png
Different families or groups of enemies killed. 0/13 Types of Enemies AP.png

This article is a list of various playable and non-playable races that count toward the Daily Kill Variety achievement.

Ambient creatures (white)[edit]

Neutral foes (yellow)[edit]

  • Animals
  • Bats
  • Boars
  • Fish
  • Hylek
  • Insects
  • Moas
  • Plants
  • Shells

Hostile foes (red)[edit]

World versus World
Special Event


  • Thaumanova Reactor and the southern area of Toxal Bog spawn nearly every type of hostile creature in the game, making them quick ways to complete this achievement. Queensdale is also well known for its high amount of creature diversity.