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Claw of Kralkatorrik

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Claws of Kralkatorrik are giant branded tornadoes that periodically spawn throughout Jahai Bluffs. It also appears in Dragonfall during the fight against Kralkatorrik.


Crystal Desert

Event involvement[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Pulls players within a certain range towards its epicenter.
  • Applies Elemental Requiem.png Tornadic Grip - Tornadic winds may draw you closer to its core and pelt you with airborne debris.
  • Applies Elemental Requiem.png Low-Pressure Lift - Stay out of the tornado's vortex if you want to avoid being lifted into the sky!
  • Kralkatorrik's Claw Flicks - Launches the player extremely high up into the area.

Related achievements[edit]