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Mini Branded Riftstalker

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Mini Branded Riftstalker.png

Mini Branded Riftstalker

Item type
Mini set
Account Bound
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Double-click to summon this mini to follow you around. Only one mini may be in use at a time.

— In-game description


This achievement rewards items.This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Readathon A Star to Guide Us 3Achievement points
Find enough books in Jahai Bluffs to make a library for the children of Sun's Refuge.Joko didn't discourage literacy, but the choice of reading materials was somewhat constrained.
Reward:Mini Branded Riftstalker.png Mini Branded Riftstalker

  • Met Laila and agreed to her request.
  • A book about the history of another continent.
  • A book about a spiny creature's friends.
  • A book about the alphabet, approved by Joko.
  • A book about growing your own potted cactus.
  • A book about the history of a great people.
  • A book about loving...but not too much.
  • A book about reading the skies.
  • A book about the goddess of nature.
  • A book about a magical feline.
  • A book about rampaging choya.
  • A book about the hunger and yearning of dolyaks.
  • A book that teaches children about springer safety.
  • A book about honoring your elders.
Found 1 Children Book 0Achievement points
Found 2 Children's Books 1Achievement points
Found 8 Children's Books 1Achievement points
Found 14 Children's Books 1Achievement points