Repel the invading dragon forces

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Repel the invading dragon forces

Plains of Ashford
Event type
Meta event
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Repel the invading dragon forces is a meta-event that took place as finale of the June 2012 beta weekend event. Players had to defend the Plains of Ashford against the branded forces of Kralkatorrik.

During the event, players across the map were turned into servants of Kralkatorrik, and open world PvP ensued. The Shatterer also made a cameo appearance during the finale, watching the battle from afar. [1][2][3]

Across the map, waypoints were encased by Branded Crystals and various branded champions spawned across the map. As the corruption bar progressed, the meta event's description would change, with members of Destiny's Edge arriving. Non-corrupted players had to free waypoints to use them. If a player died, they would be corrupted into a branded.

Dynamic events[edit]

  • Kralkatorrik's forces are dominating. Eir (and Garm!) have arrived to back up Rytlock!
  • A branded devourer has been spottet
    ! Destroy it, and defend against the dragin

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