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Envoy Armor I: Experimental Armor

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Envoy Armor I: Experimental Armor is a Legendary Armor collection achievement to gain the first tier of the precursor armor for the Legendary armor, Experimental Envoy armor. This collection is the first step to obtain the armor.


Envoy Armor I: Experimental Armor Legendary Armor 9Achievement points
The envoys shepherd the souls of the dead to their place in the Underworld. By studying spiritual energy, you may learn their secrets and start your journey towards building a truly legendary set of armor.
Unlock Item:The Lost Art of Armor Crafting.png The Lost Art of Armor Crafting
Reward:Chest of Experimental Armor.png Chest of Experimental Armor
Collected 6 items 1Achievement points
Collected 12 items 3Achievement points
Collected 18 items 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint
Infused Living Crystal.png Infused Living Crystal Acquire a Living Crystal from the Earth Elemental in the Tangled Depths and use it to capture energy left over in the pillars after defeating the Vale Guardian in Spirit Vale.
Infused Soul Mirror.png Infused Soul Mirror Acquire a Soul Mirror from Burnisher Kengo in Auric Basin and use it to capture spectral energy from the lit ghost sconce at the exit of the Spirit Woods in Spirit Vale.
Auric Energy Crystal.png Auric Energy Crystal Use an Energy Crystal from the Vale Guardian in Spirit Vale to capture Auric energy from the Inner Chamber of Tarir, the Forgotten City
Spirit Weave.png Spirit Weave Infuse Spirit Threads from Gorseval the Multifarious in Spirit Vale with ley-line energy released when defeating a chak gerent near the Ley-Line Confluence in the Tangled Depths. Combine 5 Energized Spirit Threads to create a Spirit Weave.
Coagulated Ectoplasm.png Coagulated Ectoplasm Collect Ectoplasmic Residue from the Spirit Woods and use it to create Coagulated Ectoplasm.
Core of Flame.png Core of Flame Collect a Flame Core from the chest after defeating Sabetha the Saboteur.
Arcane Dust.png Arcane Dust Collected Powdered Aurillium from high above central Tarir and combine it with Bloodstone Powder from Salvation Pass in the Forsaken Thicket.
Mushroom Medley.png Mushroom Medley Create a Mushroom Medley by combining a Noxious Mushroom Cap, Mushroom Emperor Gills, an Orrian Truffle, and a Sawgill Mushroom.
Giant Beehive (trophy).png Giant Beehive Collect a Giant Beehive from the trees high above Salvation Pass.
Vial of Forsaken Thicket Waters.png Vial of Forsaken Thicket Waters Collect a vial of water from the fountains in the Temple of Salvation.
Spirit Quest Tonic.png Spirit Quest Tonic Create a Spirit Quest Tonic by combining Arcane Dust, Mushroom Medley, a Giant Beehive, and a Vial of Forsaken Thicket Waters.
Bloodstone Fragment (trophy).png Bloodstone Fragment Collect a Bloodstone Fragment from the chest after defeating Matthias Gabrel.
Bloodstone Battery (Charged).png Bloodstone Battery (Charged) Collect a Bloodstone Battery from the Stronghold of the Faithful and charge it with energy using the machinery in Rata Novus.
Soul of the Keep.png Soul of the Keep Collect a Stone Soul after defeating the Keep Construct and use chak goop to free the soul inside.
Tormented Aurillium.png Tormented Aurillium Trade with Scavenger Rakatin in Auric Basin to acquire a piece of Polished Aurillium and use it to capture the tormented energies of the Twisted Castle.
Spirit Strings.png Spirit Strings Purchase Itzel Spirit Poison from Jaka Itzel and use it while defeating the Keep Construct.
Bloodstone-Infused Ectoplasm.png Bloodstone-Infused Ectoplasm Found inside the Twisted Castle.
White Mantle Ritual Goblet.png White Mantle Ritual Goblet Collect a White Mantle Ritual Goblet from the chest after defeating Xera.

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