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So, you've never done Guild Missions before? This is the place to start. The essentials are explained from the perspective of a player new to Guild Wars 2, quickly and concisely. Guild Officers may wish to review the strategy section.

Why do Guild Missions?[edit]

Guild Puzzle Start
Guild Challenge Start
Guild Rush Start

When am I Ready?[edit]

Probably, sooner than you think. You should not try to do Guild missions when you are Level-1, but you do not need to wait until you are Level-80 either. The sooner you get started, the better, but you will need a certain amount of preparation.

What to Expect[edit]

Most established Guilds typically run 5 types of Guild missions at least once per week. Most take place at specific locations, but the order will vary.

Guild Puzzle.png Guild Puzzle: An obstacle course where the group must perform certain tasks to reach the prize. It is important to stay with the group because doors may close preventing you from completing the Guild Puzzle.

Guild Challenge.png Guild Challenge: members work together to overcome various tasks involving: protecting NPCs or objects, defeating hostile NPCs, destroying objects within a short period of each other, or simply surviving for a set amount of time.

Guild Race.png Guild Race: A different kind of obstacle course, where you are transformed into a creature with a new skill set. Despite the name "Race" the recommended strategy is to go slowly, using your "1"-skill frequently to detect and avoid traps along the course while other guild-members clear hostile NPCs.

Guild Bounty.png Guild Bounty: locate and kill one, three, or five NPCs. To get personal credit, you must hit one of these NPC a few times. There is no specific waypoint list because there are over a dozen possible NPCs and each of these walks a path over a large area in a specific zone. Do NOT interact with (or even stand close to) the NPC when you arrive. You may prematurely activate the Guild Mission and annoy your entire Guild.

Guild Trek.png Guild Trek: Locate 5, 15, or 30 marks spread out through all of central Tyria. To get personal credit you need to find one marker (check the mission details to see which locations are active, G > missions) are be near it when someone interacts with it. If the only goal is personal credit you can have everyone stand on the same mark and all get credit.

Guilds start off with 1 easy mission a week and can gain up to 3 easy, 2 medium, and 3 hard missions as well as 1 WvW, 1 PvP, and 1 PvE specific slot. By doing all the guild missions you get Gold coin 45 Silver coin, 12-15 Guild Commendation.png, 14-17 pieces of rare or better equipment, and up to 2000 Favor.png for your guild to spend on upgrades and bonuses.

How To Prepare?[edit]

  • Join a Guild. There are many benefits. If you are new to Guild Wars 2 and Guild Missions then I recommend a larger (300-500 members), established Guild that has been running Guild Missions together successfully for w while. Optionally, most of the members are also on your Server, which is important if and when you do WvW. You can join up to 5 guilds at once, useful if your guilds like to focus on specific content like WvW or Raids.
  • Read your Guild Message or Message of the Day that is found at the top of the main-screen of the Guild panel. This may contain information about:
    • Guild Missions
    • Audio Server
    • Web site, Facebook, Twitter and other important Guild notices
  • Find out when your Guild runs their Guild Missions. This is usually once a week, although some Guilds also have a "makeup" time. If this information is not provided in the Guild Message then ask in the Guild-Chat channel.
  • Get setup on your Guild's audio-server (in use by most Guilds). This requires a free download of whatever software is used by your Guild. Popular names include Discord, Teamspeak-3 and Mumble. If this information is not provided in the Guild-Message then ask in Guild-Chat. You may need to be authorized by a Guild officer once you have successfully logged into the audio-server.
  • Have at least 30% Map completion focusing on the Waypoints important for Guild Missions (below).
  • Ask questions using Chat commands in the Guild-Channel of your Chat panel or on the audio-server if anything is not clear. Mostly, people are happy to help new Guild members.

Important Waypoints[edit]

Guild missions begin at specific locations. The closest waypoint to each Guild mission will typically be linked in Guild chat once the event has begun so that Guild members may quickly gather to begin. Clicking the Guild Chat Link will open the map screen centered on the closest waypoint. The biggest problem many new to Guild missions have is having not yet mapped those waypoints. A properly helpful Guild will wait for you to run from the nearest Waypoint that you have already mapped to the particular waypoint closest to a particular Guild Mission. They may even provide an escort for players moving through zones above their current level. However, it is best if most are already mapped. Guild halls (G > Enter guild hall) with the specific upgrade can also open a portal directly to the current mission if it has a specific location. This includes all Races, Puzzles, and Challenges. A player needs the Heart of Thorns expansion to open the portal for others, if you are missing a nearby waypoint try using the portal in the guild hall or asking a guild member to open it for you.

To prepare, copy & paste the code for the nearest waypoint (below) into chat to display a map-link. Clicking the map-link will open the map to the waypoint. Some important notes:

  • If the waypoint is contested or you do not have it then go (you may be automatically redirected) to the nearest uncontested waypoint that you have already mapped then run to the starting location.
  • Joining a party of other Guild members participating in the Guild mission may be quite helpful in determining where you need to go and providing a necessary Taxi.
  • Do NOT interact with (or even stand close to) the gold sparkly thing when you arrive at the Guild Mission starting location or speak to Guild Bounty NPCs. You may prematurely activate the Guild Mission and annoy your entire Guild.
Mission Name Zone Area Level Closest Waypoint Waypoint
Challenge Blightwater Shatterstrike Blazeridge Steppes Blightwater Basin 43 Tumok's Waypoint → SW
Challenge Branded for Termination Fields of Ruin Varim's Run 41 Helliot Mine Waypoint → North
or Tenaebron Waypoint → see map

Challenge Deep Trouble Mount Maelstrom The Mire Sea 68 Irwin Isle Waypoint → North
Challenge Save Our Supplies Iron Marches The Granite Front 59 Viper's Run Waypoint → SW
Challenge Scratch Sentry Defense Timberline Falls Fionnghuala Scratch 55 Stromkarl Waypoint → NW into cave
Challenge Southsun Crab Toss Southsun Cove Southsun Shoals 80 Kiel's Outpost Waypoint → NW
or Postern Ward Asura gate (map icon).png Asura Gate

Puzzle Angvar's Trove Snowden Drifts Ossencrest Climb 25 Angvar's Trove Waypoint or
Scholar's Cleft Waypoint → SW

Puzzle Proxemics Lab Brisban Wildlands The Gallowfields 24 Proxemics Lab Waypoint or
Gallowfields Waypoint → SW

Puzzle Langmar Estate Plains of Ashford Langmar Estate 9 Langmar Estate Waypoint or
Guardpoint Decimus Waypoint → South

Rush Bear Lope Lornar's Pass Posternus Caverns 32 Durmand Priory Waypoint → South
or Postern Ward Asura gate (map icon).png Asura Gate

Rush Chicken Run Fields of Ruin Flameroot Caverns 37 Fangfury Watch Waypoint → South or
Deathblade's Watch Waypoint → North

Rush Crab Scuttle Southsun Cove Southsun Shoals 80 Kiel's Outpost Waypoint → West
or Postern Ward Asura gate (map icon).png Asura Gate

Rush Devourer Burrow Diessa Plateau Spider Nest Cavern 23 Manbane's Waypoint → NE
Rush Ghost Wolf Run Harathi Hinterlands Bonerattler Caverns 40 Faun's Waypoint → see map
Rush Quaggan Paddle Frostgorge Sound Talabaroop Waves 77 Twoloop Waypoint → SW
Rush Spider Scurry Dredgehaunt Cliffs Dostoev Sky Peak 47 Hessdallen Kenning Waypoint → SSW

Note that both Crab Scuttle and Quaggan Paddle are in high level areas. I suggest that you attempt to map these two last. If you miss this particular mission then the other three missions may still be completed.


Guild officers may increase the chance of success and enjoyment for guild members by:

  • Including the starting day/times of Guild missions in the Guild message of the day.
  • Announce that Guild missions will be occurring in guild chat several times prior to start.
  • Coordinate among Guild-members using an audio-chat server like Teamspeak-3 or Mumble in addition to Guild-Chat.
  • Link the closest waypoint with direction from the waypoint in Guild chat after each mission has begun.
  • Encourage the creation of parties among guild members. This will help less-experienced members find the correct location and enable taxis, if necessary.
  • Wait a reasonable period for interested Guild members to arrive. It may be necessary to provide escort for low-level guild members who do not have the closest waypoints mapped or are traveling through areas above their current level.
  • Coordinate with other Guilds who may be running the same mission concurrently. Generally each Guild that has activated a mission may receive both individual-credit and guild-credit regardless which guild starts the mission. It may require that one Guild member remains in the area to accept guild-credit when the mission timer completes.
  • Perform clearing of hostile mobs during Guild rush. Escort for less experienced members may be helpful.