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Although I try to make positive contributions to the Wiki, I am a novice and still learning. If you see something that could use improvement, I prefer contact on the wiki at User Talk:1Maven

And in the unlikely circumstance that a fairy godmother suddenly appears asking what gift to bestow, here's my Wish List.


Updated Name
2015-03-22 Empyreal Farming
2015-11-21 Best WvW Guilds
2015-05-18 Currency exchange analysis
2015-02-15 Free (almost) 20-Slot Bag
2015-03-25 Open House
2015-02-11 Lowest Level Trinkets
2015-01-31 Base Attributes
2015-01-31 Pros & Cons of Playable Races
2015-03-19 Guild Missions 101
2015-03-04 Elder Dragon Color Orb
2015-02-23 Cragstead Map Completion Bug

Inactive or Future Projects[edit]

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