Risen Spider Lord

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Risen Spider Lord


Risen Spider Lord (spider form).jpg

Spectral spider form.

We'll see how brave you are when the swarm takes you.

Risen Spider Lord

The Risen Spider Lord is a master over Risen spiders. He guarded Beacon Torch, an ancient lighthouse which Risen bone ships required for navigating through the darkness of the Orrian Veil. He battled a squad led by Sergeant Eilye Jeyne who tried to reach the lighthhouse during the Pact's invasion of Orr in 1325 AE. The Risen Spider Lord was ultimately felled, and his death opened a way to the Beacon Torch whose light the Pact redirected to run bone ships aground as a means to weaken the Elder Dragon Zhaitan's navy.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • During the fight, he will transform into a spectral spider.

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