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Slay the octovine! (southgate)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the southgate event. For other events, see Slay the octovine!.

Slay the octovine!

Interactive map

Interactive map

Slay the octovine! is a level 80 event that occurs near the southgate during the Battle in Tarir (meta event) as part of the Battle in Tarir map meta event.



Primary article: Battle in Tarir

An Exalted Explosive spawns at the start and slowly moves towards the octovine, removing five slime layers each time the explosive reaches it. Players can speed this up using skills with knockback and launch on the explosive (pulls also work but require more positioning). A new explosive will spawn again at the start after exploding.

Triggerblossom explosions and hits from specific enemies will remove stacks of the Ba-Boom.png Ba-Boom effect on the explosive. Losing all ten stacks will cause it to explode prematurely, heavily damaging nearby allies and resetting the position of the explosive.

Avoid the vine-covered fields left by the Mordrem Bonebreaker Alphas as they roll around. If the explosive passes these fields it will be wrapped in vines, rendering it immobile until its Defiance bar is broken.

Enchanted Armors cannot push or pull the explosive; they can however assist in breaking the explosive's Defiance bar if it gets entangled. Otherwise, armors should focus on clearing a path for the explosive by moving the Triggerblossoms away and disabling the Mordrem Bonebreaker Alphas by breaking their Defiance bar. Pay special attention to the Elite Mordrem Floppers, as they can pull groups of players and the explosive to it. If an enchanted armor has aggro of these enemies, they should lead and face them away from other players and the explosive. Defiance bars can be broken in one or two hits using a combination of Heavy Weight, Compulsion, or Freezing Blast, with the first two skills used to reposition enemies.

This lane can be substantially difficult with a lack of push and pull skills or poor enemy management. However, the octovine will be vulnerable to damage for twice as long compared to other lanes. Prioritize killing the Mordrem Breacher first then the enemies it spawns to prevent the explosive from getting pulled. Enemies will respawn indefinitely if the Mordrem Breacher remains alive. If the spawned enemies are not killed before the next Mordrem Breacher spawns, it is possible to have multiple sets of enemies present (e.g. four Elite Mordrem Floppers instead of two). Specific bundles can also be used for moving the bomb in addition to the player's push and pull skills.

Having about 3 to 6 long bow rangers with Point Blank Shot would make short work of this one, as it really pushes the explosive along quickly, but watch the Defiance bar if doing this.

Recommended skills
The octovine will sometimes be vulnerable to damage for the same duration as other lanes (instead of twice as long).





When a bomb appears
Sage Bombmaker: Here's another. Make it count.
Sage Bombmaker: Here's another bomb. Take it.
Sage Bombmaker: There's more where that one came from.
When the Octovine is vulnerable
Sage Bombmaker: The octovine is vulnerable. Attack now!

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