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Pile of Guano

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Pile of Guano

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Pile of Guano map.jpg

Route from the chopper at the Pact Encampment Waypoint.

Interactive map (Upper level)

The Pile of Guano is a large pile of bat guano found in the Canopy over Pact Encampment, west of Last Leap Point of Interest. It is the trigger for Defeat the vampire beasts hero challenge.

After this challenge has been completed for hero points, it can then be activated and completed daily for map currency, experience and additional rewards.

Getting there[edit]

During the night

After using a Pact helicopter from the Pact Encampment Waypoint, glide north to the matriach platform, and then use the updrafts to glide directly to the hero challenge. Updrafts are optional, to get there without updrafts you can glide left of the matriach platform to reach the bouncing mushrooms, bounce over to the goggles, and then clamber beneath the airship along the vine + glide out to the guano.

During the day

Follow the day route from here, then glide through the airship with the mastery point to reach the mushroom that leads to the goggles. Continue as per above.



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