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You are standing in lava.

— In-game description

Lava is an effect players get when standing on environmental lava.


Gwwlogo.png The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Lava.
  • Caused by standing on certain environments that look like flowing molten rock.
  • Causes damage and Burning every 0.5s seconds.
    • Damage continues to occur even after defeat, making revival difficult.
  • Some environments can deal more than one stack.
    • Additional stacks do not increase the damage. Instead, the total damage is split between all stacks, and each stack deals its own damage separately.
  • The damage caused by this effect is seen in the combat log as self inflicted, reading "You hit yourself for X using Lava".
  • Flame's Embrace.png Flame's Embrace negates damage from this effect while in the Desert Borderlands.