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Rock Collector

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Rock Collector is an achievement from the Flashpoint release that requires players to find sixty Firestone Shards throughout Draconis Mons.


Rock Collector Flashpoint 15Achievement points
Collect all the stray firestone shards.Taimi's research might benefit from these.
Title: Title icon.png Rock Star
You Collected 1/1 Firestone Shards 1Achievement points
You Collected 20/20 Firestone Shards 2Achievement points
You Collected 40/40 Firestone Shards 4Achievement points
You Collected 60/60 Firestone Shards 8Achievement points


# Location Map Description Further hints
1 Mariner Landing Rock Collector (Firestone 01 map).jpg In a nook high along the western wall. From Mariner's Landing Waypoint head south to the thermal tube and look high along the wall to the south west.
2 Mariner Landing Rock Collector (Firestone 02 map).jpg In plain view near Sub Landing.
3 Mariner Landing Rock Collector (Firestone 03 map).jpg On the ceiling of a dark tunnel. Reef riders stand guard outside. At sea level, look for a small tunnel on your right.
4 Mariner Landing Rock Collector (Firestone 04 map).jpg Atop a diagonal cliff face. Reef riders float nearby. Past #3, keep going up the slope and drop down to the next level. Go past a large tree and it will be on the wall in a cave at the end.
5 Mariner Landing Rock Collector (Firestone 05 map).jpg Near a thermal tube, south of Sub Landing.
6 Western Boiling Sea Rock Collector (Firestone 06 map).jpg On the underside of Wind Rider Ledge. Jump off the edge of Wind Rider Ledge and do a tight gliding turn to get to a small, dark ledge underneath. Grab the nearby Oakheart Essence before jumping, in case you miss it.
7 Western Boiling Sea Rock Collector (Firestone 07 map).jpg On the side of the foot of Wind Rider Ledge. Head to the center and glide down. It is at the very edge of the water on the south side of the "foot". You will likely fall in trying to get it.
8 Western Boiling Sea Rock Collector (Firestone 08 map).jpg Just Below the Mastery Insight. Slightly north of and below the Mastery Insight, projecting from the side of the Seething Pillar.
9 Western Boiling Sea Rock Collector (Firestone 09 map).jpg Along a ledge northwest of Seething Pillar. Ledge is at sea level, shard is hidden behind some bushes in a small crevice.
10 Western Boiling Sea Rock Collector (Firestone 10 map).jpg On a stone outcropping east of Seething Pillar. On the SE island around Seething Pillar. Approach from above, but you may be able to grab it while running around it.
11 Eastern Boiling Sea Rock Collector (Firestone 11 map).jpg On an island northwest of Frothing Pedestal.
12 Eastern Boiling Sea Rock Collector (Firestone 12 map).jpg On the ceiling of a cave along the northern wall. Oakheart Mastery required to both reach the location and acquire it once you get there.
13 Savage Rise Rock Collector (Firestone 13 map).jpg In a cave behind the Rolling Devil nest. From Heathen's Hold, drop down to the level with the Druid's Grotto, then walk south. The entry point is underneath the ramp up. Oakheart Mastery required to reach the cave.
14 Savage Rise Rock Collector (Firestone 14 map).jpg At the source of the waterfall at Peace Grounds. Behind the waterfall at the top of the crevice directly above the pool of water.
15 Savage Rise Rock Collector (Firestone 15 map).jpg Underneath an outcropping north of Scout's Clearing.
16 Savage Rise Rock Collector (Firestone 16 map).jpg At the entrance to a ramp that leads to Scout's Clearing.
17 Savage Rise Rock Collector (Firestone 17 map).jpg Near the base of a massive rocky pillar, southwest of the Peace Grounds.
18 Savage Rise Rock Collector (Firestone 18 map).jpg A cave in the ceiling below Heathen's Hold waypoint. Jump off from Heathen's Hold and circle back. Use Oakheart Essence on roof of cavern and glide to ledge.
19 Savage Rise Rock Collector (Firestone 19 map).jpg In a cranny within the bristleback's nest On ground level, next to a standing rock formation, there's a tiny crack in the cliffside.
20 Wind Rider Ledge Rock Collector (Firestone 20 map).jpg In a ceiling cave below Rata Arcanum. Use updraft to reach ledge.
21 Wind Rider Ledge Rock Collector (Firestone 21 map).jpg Near the ceiling along the western wall. Take the two tubes from Heathen's Hold, with an Oakheart Essence, and glide down underneath Rata Arcanum just south of the bridge heading west. Use the Oakheart Essence to stay close to the ceiling all the way until you reach a wide ledge on the far western wall. The shard is on a stalactite you can reach by running up the wall and then turning around and gliding toward it. You can also use the updraft into the small cave to save essences.
22 Wind Rider Ledge Rock Collector (Firestone 22 map).jpg On the northern side, in a ceiling crevasse. From #21 head north and at the edge of the ledge look up and north-east to see this shard. To reach it you need to drop down to the Oakheart's essence on the ridge below and scale the wall back up, or you can use a remaining Oakheart Essence if you have it to make it there.
23 Wind Rider Ledge Rock Collector (Firestone 23 map).jpg High along the wall, southwest of Seething Pillar. In a crevice on a ledge with cave bats, above the pillar but below the air currents.
24 Wind Rider Ledge Rock Collector (Firestone 24 map).jpg Embedded high in a large palm tree.
25 Wind Rider Ledge Rock Collector (Firestone 25 map).jpg In a cranny above the northern tip of the ledge.
26 Ancient Hollow Rock Collector (Firestone 26 map).jpg Deep in a shallow cave southeast of the golem graveyard. Go south from Golem Graveyard to an Oakheart's Essence. Turn east and enter the cave with spiders (essence not required).
27 Ancient Hollow Rock Collector (Firestone 27 map).jpg In a nook in a wall, north of a mushroom village.
28 Ancient Hollow Rock Collector (Firestone 28 map).jpg Along a path that runs northeast toward a mushroom village.
29 Ancient Hollow Rock Collector (Firestone 29 map).jpg Toward the western edge of the land mass. Fireflies make their home nearby.
30 Titan's Throat Rock Collector (Firestone 30 map).jpg Underneath and to the east of the gate of fire.
31 Titan's Throat Rock Collector (Firestone 31 map).jpg On the northeastern side, just below the gate of fire.
32 Titan's Throat Rock Collector (Firestone 32 map).jpg On the northeastern side, a little lower below the gate of fire.
33 Heathen's Hold Rock Collector (Firestone 33 map).jpg Below the lava river, on the west side.
34 Heathen's Hold Rock Collector (Firestone 34 map).jpg High above Prisoner's Perch, near a Mastery Insight.
35 Heathen's Hold Rock Collector (Firestone 35 map).jpg Atop a plateau above Iota Vault.
36 Heathen's Hold Rock Collector (Firestone 36 map).jpg In a mercenary's bucket.
37 Heathen's Hold Rock Collector (Firestone 37 map).jpg Within a crevasse in Iota Vault. In the section with Polar Bears, scale the rock along the west wall in the western cage. Explore the cave behind it for the shard.
38 Heathen's Hold Rock Collector (Firestone 38 map).jpg Above the entrance to Iota Vault. Scale the cliff above the entrance to Iota Vault to the Oakheart's Essence. From there look north and scale the cliff for the shard.
39 Heathen's Hold Rock Collector (Firestone 39 map).jpg In the rocks on the wall north of Iota Vault.
40 Heathen's Hold Rock Collector (Firestone 40 map).jpg Under the grating. Found under the grating of the lava wurm platform.
41 Heathen's Hold Rock Collector (Firestone 41 map).jpg Beneath a massive defense turret, on the east shore of the lava river. At the base of the turret on the east side of the lava river that heads up to Titan's Throat.
42 Scalding Gorge Rock Collector (Firestone 42 map).jpg On a ledge high above, north of Sandstone Archway. From the Mastery Insight jump unto the updraft to the east and glide to the west. It's on the second ledge from the top almost directly above the thermal tube.
43 Scalding Gorge Rock Collector (Firestone 43 map).jpg On a ledge high above, west by northwest of Sandstone Archway. From the top of the Sandstone Archway, use Oakheart's Reach to get to the low end of the sandstone arch to the north. Use Oakheart's Reach on the ledge above you to get high enough to catch the updraft. At the top of the updraft, glide a little west of due north and look for a cave. Cave bats will likely spawn as you land.
44 Scalding Gorge Rock Collector (Firestone 44 map).jpg On a ledge high above, northwest of Sandstone Archway.
45 Scalding Gorge Rock Collector (Firestone 45 map).jpg Atop a tall stone outcropping, southeast of Sandstone Archway.
46 Scalding Gorge Rock Collector (Firestone 46 map).jpg Hidden below Sandstone Archway, on the eastern side. Inside a small cave hidden in the layers of rock at the arch's base. The entrance is right by an Oakheart's Essence
47 Scalding Gorge Rock Collector (Firestone 47 map).jpg On the underside of Sandstone Archway.
48 Scalding Gorge Rock Collector (Firestone 48 map).jpg In a slit in the rocks looking north from atop the northwestern arch. From the Vista in Heathen's Hold head north west to the thermal tube. Find and grab the Oakheart's Essence on top of the sandstone arch that runs north and south. Use a charge of the essence to reach the top of the sandstone arch that runs diagonally NW/SE. From there, look north for an Unbound Magic sitting on the corner of a ledge. Use an essence to reach that ledge, and save a charge for the firestone shard all the way at the back of that cave.
49 Rata Arcanum Rock Collector (Firestone 49 map).jpg In a high nook, east of Seething Pillar
50 Rata Arcanum Rock Collector (Firestone 50 map).jpg Undernearth a large firestone spire.
51 Rata Arcanum Rock Collector (Firestone 51 map).jpg In the upper area, atop a small spire.
52 Rata Arcanum Rock Collector (Firestone 52 map).jpg In a nook behind the Inquest's captive druid. Hop on top of the tent directly west of Galebough and look in a cranny to the north.
53 Rata Arcanum Rock Collector (Firestone 53 map).jpg Overlooking the Inquest's portal.
54 Rata Arcanum Rock Collector (Firestone 54 map).jpg A crack in the ceiling in the caves behind Rata Arcanum. In the cave of the champion jungle skelk where lots of cave bats and jungle skelk spawn, look for unbound magic near the ceiling to help find the crack.
Grab an Oakheart's Essence and launch yourself up into the crack. Look up again to find another unbound magic, and launch yourself up to it again to find the shard. Can also be reached from above by exploring the plateau above Inquest Field Lab to the east.
55 Rata Arcanum Rock Collector (Firestone 55 map).jpg On a rock wall, just outside the entrance to the Inquest Field Lab.
56 Rata Arcanum Rock Collector (Firestone 56 map).jpg In a nook near some soil in the caves behind Rata Arcanum.
57 Golemancer's Tomb Rock Collector (Firestone 57 map).jpg In a cave outside the tomb, high above Scout's Clearing.
58 Golemancer's Tomb Rock Collector (Firestone 58 map).jpg Embedded in the wall outside the tomb, high above Scout's Clearing.
59 Golemancer's Tomb Rock Collector (Firestone 59 map).jpg At the tip of a long, thin outcropping outside the southern entrance to the tomb. At the tip of the rock behind Broadleaf.
60 Golemancer's Tomb Rock Collector (Firestone 60 map).jpg In a crack in the ceiling, in the room across from the champion devourer. Bring an Oakheart's essence. Look for 2 orbs of Unbound Magic near the ceiling to help you find it.


  • If you are mounted when you get near a Firestone Shard that is not directly on the ground (i.e. attached to a ceiling or wall), you will automatically pick it up.