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Rata Arcanum Propagation

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Rata Arcanum Propagation

Item type
Flashpoint.png A Henge Away from Home
Account Bound
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Location in Rata Arcanum

Hint: Plant a Fire Orchid Seed in the fertile soil of the bioluminescent cavern above Rata Arcanum in Draconis Mons.

— In-game description



Waypoint (tango icon).png Heathen's Hold Waypoint Contrary to what the clue says, the cavern is not actually above Rata Arcanum.

From the waypoint, take the Thermal Tube towards the west. At the Gate of Fire, take the second Thermal Tube towards the west. You will land at the red dot on the map to the right. From there walk into the Inquest Field Lab of Rata Arcanum and take an Oakheart's Essence (purple dot on the map). Make your way towards the asura gate (blue dots on the map indicate suggested climb points), and use an oakheart essence charge to get onto the wall the Asura Gate is embedded in. To the north is a pit with Grubs. Jump down into that pit, turn south, and you will see a small nook guarded by a veteran spider. Behind it is a small bioluminescent cavern with the fertile soil.

Alternatively, instead of walking through the Inquest Field Lab, you can start gliding mid-air from the second Thermal Tube and land on the walls directly.


  • After planting the seed, a Primordial Orchid will be available for daily harvest on the fertile soil.