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Wind Rider Ledge Propagation

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Wind Rider Ledge Propagation.png

Wind Rider Ledge Propagation

Item type
Flashpoint.png A Henge Away from Home
Account Bound
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Wind Rider Ledge Propagation map.jpg

Location overlooking Wind Rider Ledge.

Wind Rider Ledge Propagation map alternate.jpg

Alternate route (#4) by jumping up with mounts.

Hint: Plant a Fire Orchid Seed in the fertile soil overlooking Wind Rider Ledge in Draconis Mons.

— In-game description



Route 1

From Waypoint (tango icon).png Mariner's Landing Waypoint, walk south-east to grab an Oakheart's Essence (purple dot on the map to the right). Walk north, taking the bouncing mushroom. Use the Oakheart's Essence to climb higher along the wall (blue dot on the map) and glide to the updraft. Optionally, grab an Oakheart's Essence on the arch just to the north of the updraft. From the updraft or the arch, use the Oakheart's Essence to climb straight up. On the wall above there is another Oakheart's Essence. Two uses of the Essence should be enough to reach the ledge with the fertile soil.

Route 2

Alternatively, if you do the Ancient Hollow Propagation first (at the green dot on the map), you can simply glide towards the Wind Rider Ledge Propagation.

Route 3

Another alternative way is starting from Waypoint (tango icon).png Heathen's Hold Waypoint, take the northern Thermal Tube. Take the next thermal tube as well, but midway through the jump, start gliding SW, towards the Infiltrate the Inquest renown heart. However, you want to go under the heart, not on the same level, so drop down a level while gliding. Once you are under the upper level, just glide to the fertile soil at the top of the tall rock. It's a little south of due west of the heart.

Route 4

A further alternative way involves coming up from the south, either via Heathen's Hold Waypoint or Mariner's Landing Waypoint and using mounts to jump up the rocks, along the western wall, shown in the second picture.


  • After planting the seed, a Primordial Orchid will be available for daily harvest on the fertile soil.