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The Druid Stone

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The Druid Stone is an achievement surrounding the story of the druids in Draconis Mons. After completion, the corresponding achievement Awakening the Druid Stone gets unlocked.


This achievement rewards items. The Druid Stone Flashpoint 3Achievement points
Melandru's blessing to the most devout of her followers was to become one with nature and leave behind their physical construct.
Pay tribute to and learn from the druid spirits in Draconis Mons to cultivate your relationship with nature through the Druid Stone.
Reward:Druid Stone.png Druid Stone

Collected 7 Items 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Acquisition
Volcano's Heart.png Volcano's Heart Earned by completing the Heart of the Volcano (story) instance.
Druid Runestone.png Druid Runestone Obtain a Druid Runestone by combining 5 Druid Runestone Fragments (sold by heart vendors or Unbound Magic vendors in Draconis Mons).
The Druid's Story.png The Druid's Story Bring a Druid Runestone to Kodama in the Savage Rise of Draconis Mons as a token of your friendship.
A Flower for Kodama.png A Flower for Kodama Bring a Fire Orchid to Kodama in the Savage Rise.
A Flower for Liriodendron.png A Flower for Liriodendron Bring a Fire Orchid to Liriodendron in the watering hole of the Savage Rise.
A Flower for Broadleaf.png A Flower for Broadleaf Bring a Fire Orchid to Broadleaf on a ledge above the Savage Rise.
A Flower for Rosewood.png A Flower for Rosewood Bring a Fire Orchid to Rosewood on a ledge above the Ancient Hollow.