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Escort the Vigil squad to the ancient ruins

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Escort the Vigil squad to the ancient ruins

Savage Rise
(Draconis Mons)
Event type
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Dynamic event
Followed by
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Defend the ruins while the Vigil investigate
Interactive map

Interactive map (Surface)

Escort the Vigil squad to the ancient ruins is a level 80 event that occurs in Savage Rise.


  • Vigil Squad Leader
  • Event bar.jpg
    Event shield (tango icon).png


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670
378 Karma.png 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003
284 Karma.png 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335
189 Karma.png 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.





When the NPCs spawn at Scout's Clearing

Vigil Huntsman: Sir, scouts have reported strange ruins deeper inland. They're saying the whole area merits investigation.
Squad Leader Perun: Good. We'll assemble a team to investigate and secure it. Prepare. We'll be heading that way shortly.

If no player activates the escort event within a few minutes

Squad Leader Perun: We're still looking for volunteers. We need to secure the ruins area on our flank.

Squad Leader Perun becomes interactive and waits for a player to start the event. On activation

Vigil Huntsman: Sir, the squad is ready and eager to get underway. We have to secure the ruins before we lose any more crew.
Squad Leader Perun: Excellent. Stay sharp, everyone. We don't know what we may encounter out there.

After traveling a short distance west up the hill from Scout's Clearing

Vigil Marksman: Shhh. You hear that? I heard something.
Vigil Huntsman: What? I didn't hear anything. What'd you hear?

A group of several pocket raptors spawns just ahead of the escort party

Scout Leader Perun: Well, they've undoubtedly heard you. How about a little silent running, eh? We're not out of the danger zone yet.

After defeating the first group of pocket raptors

Vigil Marksman: Bleh, lizards. Lizards give me the heebie-jeebies.
Vigil Huntsman: Not me. I've always been fond of lizards. They appeal to the cold-blooded killer in me.
Scout Leader Perun: Less talk. More action.

A second group of pocket raptors spawns as the group moves up the path

Vigil Hunstman: Oh, look. New friends!
Vigil Marksman: You really need to make better friends.

After defeating the second group of pocket raptors

Squad Leader Perun: That's the last of them. Let's continue.

Two groups of converging rolling devils appear

Vigil Marksman: First raptors, then rolling devils! We may as well be back in the jungle.
Squad Leader Perun: Hostiles spotted! Ready weapons, everyone.

After clearing the group of rolling devils

Vigil Marksman: We're almost there. I think I spotted what looks like ruins ahead.
Squad Leader Perun: About time. I thought we'd never get there and I'd be stuck listening to you two yammer me to death.

Approaching the Eternal Pool

Vigil Marksman: Sir, I sense a great deal of nature magic at this site.
Squad Leader Perun: Well, we are in nature. Is there something special about it?
Vigil Marksman: I think so. I encountered this once before, in the jungle. It feels...druidic.
Squad Leader Perun: That's ancient magic. Don't anyone let your guard down.

Entering the Eternal Pool cavern (follow on event begins)

Druid Stormknot: Stay back! This is sacred ground! You must not contaminate it!
Vigil Marksman: Sir, we appear to be locked in.
Angered Nature Spirit: Kill them! Return them to the land.
Squad Leader Perun: Whoa! Defend yourselves!
Additional Dialog

If this event is in progress and has moved away from its starting point, an NPC will occasionally call out to players in the Scout's Clearing area

Vigil Scout: We're heading up to some ruins our scouts found. Got an open spot. Anyone game?


  • This event becomes available five minutes after the Greater Wardbough has been defeated at the end of the
    Event boss (tango icon).png
    [Group Event] Kill the greater spirit of nature (80) event at Eternal Pool.
  • If Scout Leader Perun is defeated during the escort, players have 2:00 to revive him before the event fails. The Vigil Huntsman and Marksman can be defeated without affecting the status of the event and will be revived by Perun after all enemies have been defeated.