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Sprouting the Druid Stone

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Sprouting the Druid Stone is a hidden achievement that is unlocked when the player completes the Awakening the Druid Stone. After completion, the corresponding achievement A Henge Away from Home gets unlocked.


This achievement rewards items. Sprouting the Druid Stone Flashpoint 3Achievement points
Continue to cultivate your relationship with nature through tributes to the druid spirits of Draconis Mons.
Prerequisite: Awakening the Druid Stone
Reward: Blooming Druid Stone.pngBlooming Druid Stone

Collected 21 Items 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Notes


  • After completion of the "Propagation of the Fire Orchid" step, a Primordial Orchid will be available for daily harvest on the fertile soil near Kodama in the Savage Rise of Draconis Mons.
  • 5 Druid Runestone needed for this collection. 7 more are needed after completing this collection for the full chain of achievements.