Festival Gobbler Boost

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Festival Gobbler Boost

Effect type
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Boost to experience, gold, and PvP and WvW reward track gains.

— In-game description


Cost Comparison[edit]

Cost comparison table
Item Buy price Sell Price
Snowflake.pngSnowflake (5)
Piece of Zhaitaffy.pngPiece of Zhaitaffy (25)


  • Grants the following benefits for 15 minutes:
    • +25% Experience from Kills
    • +25% Gold from Kills
    • +25% Reward Track Gain in PvP and WvW
  • The effect stacks up to ~24 hour duration.[verification requested]
  • For the Snowflake Gobbler, attempting to purchase additional blessings while the duration is above or equal to 24h, the player will receive an error message and no blessing or Wintersday Gift. The 5 Snowflakes will still be removed from the players account.
  • For the Zhaitaffy Gobbler, attempting to purchase more blessings will be met with an error as long the duration is above or equal to 24h. After closing and opening the merchant window again, the option to purchase more blessings will be locked.