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Behruseh is a merchant in the Ossan Quarter of Divinity's Reach.



Items offered[edit]


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Item Type Rarity Cost
Curry Bun.png Curry Bun Food Basic 64 Copper coin
Bowl of Skalefin Soup.png Bowl of Skalefin Soup Food Basic 72 Copper coin
Jar of Juniberry Jam.png Jar of Juniberry Jam Food Basic 48 Copper coin
Bottle of Juniberry Gin.png Bottle of Juniberry Gin Alcohol Basic 16 Copper coin
Adept's Training Manual.png Observational Zymology Manual Consumable Fine 50 Silver coin

Belcher's Bluff Kit

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Item Type Rarity Cost
Belcher's Bluff Kit.png Belcher's Bluff Kit Consumable Masterwork Silver coin 4 Copper coin
Belcher's Bluff Kit.png Belcher's Bluff Kit (5) Consumable Masterwork 20 Silver coin
Bottomless Belcher's Bluff Kit.png Bottomless Belcher's Bluff Kit Gizmo, Novelty Rare 100 Gold coin

Historical items[edit]

These following item was only available during the Beta.

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Influence letter.png Recipe: Elonian Meat Kabob Recipe sheet Rare Silver coin 52 Copper coin


Only with Secrets Obscured active, before receiving a Curry Bun with Bloodstone
We got all the finest exotic delicacies, just like you're in Amnoon! What'll you have?
Talk more option tango.png A curry bun with a sprinkle of bloodstone.
Huh, you know, you're the second person I've ever heard order that. Haven't seen the other guy in a while, though. Anyway, here you go, enjoy.
Talk merchant tango.png Thanks.

Related achievement[edit]

The Wizard's Tower.png The Wizard's Tower: Secrets ObscuredRetrieve the scattered wizard relics around Tyria. (3Achievement pointsSecrets of the Obscure mastery pointWizard's Tower Teleportation Scroll)