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An ally is any being that is not hostile or neutral.


[edit] Types

Allies can be divided into four groups:

  • PvE — all players and all of their pets and minions.
  • WvWvW — all players from your homeworld and all of their pets and minions.
  • sPvP — all players on your team and all of their pets and minions.
  • NPCs — all friendly NPCs and all of their pets and minions.

[edit] Prioritization

Effects that target allies prioritizes party members, then party members' pets and minions, then other players, then friendly NPCs.

[edit] Limits

An area of effect spell that affects allies may only affect a maximum of 5 targets.

[edit] Special Cases

  • An effect that emerges from the player may not consider the player be an ally of the effect unless the effect clearly states "allies and yourself".

[edit] See also

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