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The Skritt Burglar can be encountered in every region of Tyria except the Ruins of Orr,Verdant Brink as well as in Dragonfall. Burgling the Burglars in Dragonfall can be gained for finishing the event not for been transformed into the animal. The animal you can get turned into, and thus the achievement you can get, depends on what region the burglar's chest appears in:

The following is a list of locations where the Skritt Burglar's chest has been known to randomly appear (she will never be in all of these locations at the same time):

Behind the Mask[edit]

  • Fireheart Rise
    • The Toughstone, in its northern part. The chest is located on top of a grass covered cliff. Juvenile Carrion Devourer & Shadow Imps are located on the cliff/ledge.
    • Onager Bivouac, southeast from the vista in Highland Thaw, Enter the cave and stay to the right. There is a small campsite and the chest sits in the middle.
    • Switchback Canyons, the chest can be found at the point of the upraised path southeast of Shadow Cleft. Click here for a map showing the location of the Skritt Burglar.
    • Apostate Wastes, the chest can be found right at the entrance of a cave containing several Veteran Canyon Spiders.
    • Forge Plains, the chest is located on a patch of light ground south of Coalpit Watchpost. Click here for a map showing the location of the Skritt Burglar.

Chicken Scramble[edit]

Maguuma Wastes

A Waddle to Remember[edit]

Maguuma Jungle

Llama Drama[edit]

Maguuma Wastes

Jackaloping Along[edit]

Shiverpeak Mountains

Skritt Salvager[edit]

  • Verdant Brink
    • Jaka Itzel, by the Point of interest (map icon).pngTemple of Ameyalli. It's found above the temple cave.
    • West of Waypoint (map icon).pngShipwreck Peak Waypoint, at the end of the river in the rift next to the waypoint. Screenshot
    • West of the Waypoint (map icon).pngPact Encampment Waypoint, at ground level by Scout Imal (beneath the Point of interest (map icon).pngSilent Woods marker)
    • West of the Waypoint (map icon).pngPact Encampment Waypoint, under the Nuhoch Wallow.
    • Under the Mellaggan's Valor Waypoint in the Coztic Itzel cave. Screenshot
    • Southeast of Mellaggan's Valor Waypoint on the west side at the base of the big tree where 4 roads meet.

Burgling the Burglars[edit]

For more Burgling the Burglars locations, see also: Caffeinated Skritt Burglar/locations
  • Dragonfall
    • North of Point of interest (map icon).png Trail of Cinder inside a cave a bit north of the road.
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No Achievement Locations[edit]


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