Turai Ossa (mist champion)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Mist Champion. For the former King of Elona and his watchknight fascimile, see Turai Ossa. For the echo, see Echo of Turai Ossa. For the actor, see Turai Ossa (actor).
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Turai Ossa (mist champion)

Turai Ossa was an Elonian hero that fought and defeated Palawa Joko. After his victory, he was anointed as king and ruled over Kourna for years before taking a large group of his people on the Great Pilgrimage to the Crystal Desert in order to Ascend at Augury Rock. Infighting amongst his people, along with fighting the Forgotten resulted in their demise, and their ghosts remained in the Crystal Desert until the Chosen of the Flameseeker Prophecies arrived to Ascend themselves. Turai assisted in their journey and was rewarded with access to the Hall of Heroes.


The Mists


  • This mist champion is unlocked by default for accounts.

Combat abilities[edit]

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
War Cry — This skill will trigger when the Mist Champion is summoned. Shield of Elona.png Shield of Elona Allies gain a protective shield that blocks all incoming attacks for a time.
Passive — This effect will constantly pulse around the Mist Champion. Desert Carapace.png Desert Carapace Pulses aegis. Every attack you block grants protection.
Elite — This skill will be triggered once the Mist Champion has entered the enemy lord's room. Bane of Joko.png Bane of Joko 40.25¼ 60 Taunts nearby enemies and damages them for 20% of their health.


Skin Appearance Trading Post Price from League Vendor Price using Shards of Glory Trading Post price
Turai Ossa icon.png Festive Turai Ossa Wintersday theme not available not available
Radiant Turai Ossa.png Radiant Turai Ossa Radiant armor 1000  Shard of Glory.png Shard of Glory
Rampart Turai Ossa.png Rampart Turai Ossa Rampart armor 250  Shard of Glory.png Shard of Glory
Phalanx Turai Ossa.png Phalanx Turai Ossa Phalanx armor 100  Shard of Glory.png Shard of Glory


  • Seems to have about 100,000 health.


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