Weaken Deep Song to make her regain her sanity

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Weaken Deep Song to make her regain her sanity

Interactive map

Interactive map

Weaken Deep Song to make her regain her sanity is a level 78 event that occurs in The Sea of Lamentation.


  • Enraged Deep Song
  • Event bar.jpg Event fist (tango icon).png


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 16,758 Experience.png 369 Karma 86 Copper coin
Silver 14,245 Experience.png 314 Karma 73 Copper coin
Bronze 12,569 Experience.png 277 Karma 65 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 78 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Before the event
Kodan Defender: The Claw has fallen! We must keep the Voice calm.
Deep Song: There is no balance, no harmony. My Claw is gone, and the icebrood overwhelm us!
Deep Song: Koda's will is rage! Koda's will is destruction!
Kodan Defender: Koda tests the Voice. His rage consumes her. The Time of Trial is upon us.
Quiet Thinker: Can we aid her? If we don't act soon, she may harm herself.
Kodan Defender: Without the Claw, we cannot calm her peacefully. The Voice will have to be restrained by force.
Deep Song: Harmony must be restored! We must purge the corruption!
After the event
Deep Song: What...happened? What have I done?
Deep Song: The Claw... The Claw still lives. I must help him while I still have control.
Deep Song: Koda's Rage is overtaking me. There's...little...time.
Cresting Wave: Rest now, my Voice. Be calm. Be tranquil. You are safe.
Deep Song: My eyes...won't close. My mind is...chaos.
Deep Song: Koda's Rage. Our duty. Shards of glass on an icy wind blow through me. For Koda...
Cresting Wave: Focus. Focus on me. The rage is Koda's. The fear and pain are yours. We shall bear them together.
Cresting Wave: Come. We'll return you to your chamber.
Cresting Wave: Rest now. I will clear the dragon's influence from our home.
Cresting Wave: If we can clear Jormag's influence, she will survive the trial. We must clear the icebrood quickly.