Koda's Blessing

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Koda's Blessing is a collection achievement to gain Koda's Warmth Enrichment.


Koda's Blessing Rare Collections 5Achievement points
Earn Koda's Favor by giving burnt offerings.
Reward:Koda's Warmth Enrichment.png Koda's Warmth Enrichment
Burnt 19/19 Offerings 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Each of the following 19 items is obtained by first purchasing an Offering Basket from Slooshoo, secondly combining each basket with offering ingredients, and finally by travelling to each location, performing any prerequisite, and double-clicking on the offering.

Item Hint Zone Location
Offering for Steadfast Refugees.png Offering for Steadfast Refugees Burn an offering to thank Koda for the steadfastness of his refugees. Fireheart Rise
Point of interest.png
 Haymal Gore
Offering for Jungle Restoration.png Offering for Jungle Restoration Burn an offering to ask Koda's aid to restore the Maguuma Jungle. Dragon's Stand
Point of interest.png
 Mordremoth's Vantage
Offering for Elemental Harmony.png Offering for Elemental Harmony Burn an offering to Koda in recognition of the balance of the elements. Mount Maelstrom
Puzzle tango 20.png
Dierdre's Steps
Offering for Elemental Peace.png Offering for Elemental Peace Burn an offering to Koda in recognition of peace with the elements. Kessex Hills
Point of interest.png
Offering for Quaggan Survival.png Offering for Quaggan Survival Burn an offering to Koda for the perpetuation of the quaggan race. Timberline Falls
Puzzle tango 20.png
Coddler's Cove
Offering for Peace.png Offering for Peace Burn an offering to Koda for interracial peace. Fields of Ruin
Point of interest.png
 Summit Peak
Offering for Draconic Redemption.png Offering for Draconic Redemption Burn an offering to Koda for the redemption of dragons. Auric Basin
Point of interest.png
 Inner Chamber
Offering to Restore Nature's Majesty.png Offering to Restore Nature's Majesty Burn an offering to beseech Koda to restore the majesty of the Maguuma jungle. Tangled Depths
Point of interest.png
 Arboreal Overlook
Offering for Overcoming Corruption.png Offering for Overcoming Corruption Burn an offering to Koda for the resistance against draconic corruption. The Grove
Point of interest.png
 Ventari's Tablet
Offering for Kodan Sanctuary.png Offering for Kodan Sanctuary Burn an offering to Koda for the sanctuary of his people. Frostgorge Sound
Personal waypoint (map icon).png
Blue Ice Shining
Offering for Exiled Emissaries.png Offering for Exiled Emissaries Burn an offering to Koda for his exiled emissaries. Snowden Drifts
Waypoint (tango icon).png
 Exile Waypoint
Offering for Racial Cooperation.png Offering for Racial Cooperation Burn an offering to Koda for the cooperation between races. Lion's Arch
Point of interest.png
 Captain Theo Ashford Memorial Bridge
Offering for Cooperative Strength.png Offering for Cooperative Strength Burn an offering to Koda to celebrate the strength of cooperation. Brisban Wildlands Skrittsburgh Center
Offering for Reunion with Nature.png Offering for Reunion with Nature Burn an offering to Koda to celebrate a return to nature. Verdant Brink
Point of interest.png
 Bongo's Bungalow
Offering for Dimensional Stability.png Offering for Dimensional Stability Burn an offering to Koda to resist otherworldly intrusions. Queensdale
Waypoint (tango icon).png
 Godslost Waypoint
Offering for Elemental Stability.png Offering for Elemental Stability Burn an offering to Koda to resist elemental manipulation. Iron Marches
Point of interest.png
 The Blasted Hearth
Offering for Elemental Recovery.png Offering for Elemental Recovery Burn an offering to Koda to restore elemental balance. Wayfarer Foothills
Point of interest.png
 Heart of Corruption
Offering for Life's Balance.png Offering for Life's Balance Burn an offering to Koda for an abundance of life near death. Straits of Devastation Lightfoot Passage
Offering to Restore Magical Balance.png Offering to Restore Magical Balance Burn an offering to Koda to restore the balance of magic. Bloodstone Fen
Point of interest.png
 Temple of Renewal

Materials cost[edit]

  • A total of 19  Offering to Koda.png Offerings to Koda are needed to complete this achievement.
  • The materials list below does not include the 9,500  Unbound Magic.png Unbound Magic that is needed to purchase the  Offering Basket.png Offering Baskets.
    • You can, however, buy the baskets from the trading post, which are currently selling for each.
Quantity Material Buy price Material cost
19 Offering Basket.png Offering Basket ... ...
475 Elder Wood Log.png Elder Wood Log ... ...
950 Glob of Ectoplasm.png Glob of Ectoplasm ... ...
190 Icy Runestone.png Icy Runestone ... ...
95 Fresh Winterberry.png Fresh Winterberry ... ...
Total cost ...