Township of Claypool

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Township of Claypool

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Township of Claypool map.jpg
Map of Township of Claypool

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Connects to
The Heartwoods (E)
Altar Brook Vale (N)
Kessex Hills (SW)
Clayent Falls (W)

Township of Claypool.jpg

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The Township of Claypool is one of the largest towns in Queensdale, located south of Divinity's Reach. Because of its protective walls, it is often a spot where refugees from centaur attacks head to. The town is also used to train militia and Seraph recruits for the war. They are well known for their crafters and are the main manufacturers for the Seraph - most weaponry found in Divinity's Reach was forged in Claypool.

The town itself is named after the noble family who owns the land, the current head being Lord Arrin Claypool.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Train with the militia (8)
Waypoint (map icon).png Claypool Waypoint —
Personal waypoint (map icon).png The Apple and the Arrow



Animals (During related events only)


Merchant (vendor icon).png Amela
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Anne (10)
Bank (map icon).png Bank Teller
Renown Heart (map icon).png Captain Lindel (8)
Scout (map icon).png Corporal Greenfield (10)
Armorsmith (map icon).png Josselyn
Merchant (vendor icon).png Magenta
Weaponsmith tango icon 20px.png
Huntsman tango icon 20px.png
Tailor tango icon 20px.png
Armorsmith tango icon 20px.png
Leatherworker tango icon 20px.png
Artificer tango icon 20px.png
Chef tango icon 20px.png
Jeweler tango icon 20px.png


Ambient creature



Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Copper Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png Aspen Sapling
Plant resource (map icon).png Blueberry Bush
Plant resource (map icon).png Onions
Bulk ingredients
Chef tango icon 20px.png Melinda
Basil Leaves in Bulk.pngBasil Leaves in Bulk
Bell Peppers in Bulk.pngBell Peppers in Bulk
Buttermilk in Bulk.pngButtermilk in Bulk
Cheese Wedges in Bulk.pngCheese Wedges in Bulk
Ginger Root in Bulk.pngGinger Root in Bulk
Rice in Bulk.pngRice in Bulk
Sour Cream in Bulk.pngSour Cream in Bulk
Tomatoes in Bulk.pngTomatoes in Bulk
Yeast in Bulk.pngYeast in Bulk

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Sergeant Soto: Pick up a rifle and get in formation. Remember, don't release your shot until the order is given.
Rifle Drill Sergeant: Take aim...
Rifle Drill Sergeant: Hold...
Rifle Drill Sergeant: Fire!
Rifle Drill Sergeant: Not bad. Not bad at all. Let's keep at it.
Sergeant Soto: It's not enough to hit the target! You must learn to hold until commanded!
Sergeant Soto: That rifle is property of the Seraph! You can't just walk off with it!
Sergeant Liddy: Nobody runs off with my equipment. You train in the ring or not at all.
Sergeant Neal: Pick up a training sword if you want to train. Wouldn't want anyone getting hurt.
Sword Drill Sergeant: Come on! That's way too slow! Try attacking me as I LOWER my guard.
Sergeant Liddy: Show these whelps how it's done. Pick up a shield and get in there.
Shield Drill Sergeant: You'll never block me like that! Try raising your shield just as I launch my attack.
Sergeant Liddy: Good! That's how you block an attack. Again!
Child: Are centaurs evil?
Lord Mayor Johlin: It's more complicated than just good and evil.
Child: What's complicated mean?
Lord Mayor Johlin: We're safe from centaurs here. The garrison protects us.
Villager: Protection isn't enough. We're at war! We have to win no matter the cost.
Lord Mayor Johlin: We can't exterminate them.
Villager: Why not?
Villager: Don't they have their own land? Why do they want ours?
Lord Mayor Johlin: They think it belongs to them. But with the garrison nearby, we don't have to worry.
Elder: Things were different back in my day.
Villager: Were they any better?
Elder: Not really.
Villager: Hmm. I'm not sure.
Amela: Please. It's perfect for you! You'll be the envy of your friends!
Villager: Bet he's at the tavern again.
Villager (1): I can't help feeling that the shadow of the day will become a long, dark night.
Villager (2): Queen Jennah won't let that happen. She has a plan, I'm sure.
Villager (1): Your turn to tend the fire?
Villager (2): Nope. Mine was last night.
Villager (1): Right. I hope we've got enough wood.
Villager (1): The craft fair is a good place for a family gathering.
Villager (2): Oh, yes! I think so too.
Villager (1): Why do we need extra wheat?
Villager (2): I told you. My sister's family is coming down from Shaemoor.
Villager (1): We should go there instead.
Villager (2): And risk getting robbed? Or worse? No thank you!
Villager (1): The trade caravans are getting unreliable.
Villager (2): Damn centaurs.
Villager (1): Men are dumb.
Villager (2): Stupid, even.
Villager (1): Makes it easy for us, though.
Villager (1): I'm thinking of heading to the market. Know anyone who wants to go?
Villager (2): Have fun.
Villager (1): I dreamed of a centaur raid last night.
Villager (2): With things as they are, it’s a wonder anyone sleeps these days.
Villager (1): Centaurs and bandits run wild out here.
Villager (2): We should move to Lion's Arch. I want to raise a family somewhere safe.
Villager (1): Claypool is safe. Besides, Lion's Arch is full of charr.
Villager (1): I hear there's good money workin' for the Inquest.
Villager (2): As long as ya have no morals, it's a good-paying job.
Villager (1): My sister's friend's uncle went into that dank cave and hasn't been seen since.
Villager (2): Nobody went after him?
Villager (1): Not that I know of. Her friends are too scared to leave town.
Villager (1): Maybe one day I’ll move to Divinity's Reach.
Villager (2): I don’t mind visiting, but it’s much too crowded for my taste.
Villager (1): I thought I heard hooves.
Villager (2): You must be hearing things. Believe me, you'd know if a centaur was close by.
Child (1): Come on! Jump. I did it. It's easy!
Child (2): I don't want to. I'm tired.
Child (1): Captain Thackeray would do it. He's never tired.
Child (1): (laughing)
Child (2): (laughing)