Lord Arrin

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Lord Arrin


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Lord Arrin Claypool is the steward of the Township of Claypool and its surrounding lands in Queensdale.




Welcome to the township of Claypool. I am Lord Arrin, steward of these lands.
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Greetings, your lordship. I'm <Character name>.
Oh, don't start with titles. I'm required by royal decree to state my title, but I'll have none of it when good folk like you come to visit.
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So you're the steward of this township?
Yes, my family name is Claypool. My great-great-grandfather was one the township's founders.
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Do you also run things here in town then?
No, we own the land, and hold the titles, but we turned over governance to the Mayor. He, in turn, answers to the people. And the Queen, of course.
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Interesting. I'll be on my way.
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You don't like being a lord?
It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I don't think it sets me above anyone else. All of our residents deserve equal respect, in my view.
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That's a rather interesting viewpoint for a noble.
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Thanks for the hospitality, but I have to get going.


My time is precious.