Ambrite weapons

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Ambrite weapons are level 80 exotic weapons crafted by artificers, weaponsmiths, and huntsmen. They all have the Nomad's prefix, which gives bonuses to Toughness.png Toughness, Vitality.png Vitality, and Healing Power.png Healing Power. Crafting these weapons is part of the Ambrite Weapon Collection achievement.


Each weapon requires its specific Ambrite Fossilized Insect, which Gentt trades in exchange for an Unidentified Fossilized Insect (which are randomly found in Buried Locked Chests and in the final chest of the Maguuma Wastes Reward Track). Players must also purchase the weapon's recipe from a Geode merchant. The price for the weapon's recipe depends on the Favor of the Zephyrites' current tier. Recipes are available from tier 4 onwards:

Geodes requirement
Tier 4 425 x  Geode.png Geode
Tier 5 400 x  Geode.png Geode
Tier 6 340 x  Geode.png Geode

The weapons can be crafted by combining the Ambrite Fossilized Insect, a Nomad's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription and tier 6 weapon components.


Hand Type Name Preview Required Fossil
Main Hand Axe Lepidoptera.png Lepidoptera Ambrite Fossilized Butterfly.png Ambrite Fossilized Butterfly
Dagger Blattodea.png Blattodea Ambrite Fossilized Termite.png Ambrite Fossilized Termite
Mace Blattellidae.png Blattellidae Ambrite Fossilized Cockroach.png Ambrite Fossilized Cockroach
Pistol Apidae.png Apidae Ambrite Fossilized Bee.png Ambrite Fossilized Bee
Scepter Latrodectus.png Latrodectus Ambrite Fossilized Spider.png Ambrite Fossilized Spider
Sword Cryptopidae.png Cryptopidae Ambrite Fossilized Centipede.png Ambrite Fossilized Centipede
Off hand Focus Spirobolidae.png Spirobolidae Ambrite Fossilized Millipede.png Ambrite Fossilized Millipede
Warhorn Orthoptera.png Orthoptera Ambrite Fossilized Cricket.png Ambrite Fossilized Cricket
Torch Lampyridae.png Lampyridae Ambrite Fossilized Firefly.png Ambrite Fossilized Firefly
Shield Coleoptera.png Coleoptera Ambrite Fossilized Beetle.png Ambrite Fossilized Beetle
Terrestrial Greatsword Scorpiones.png Scorpiones Ambrite Fossilized Devourer.png Ambrite Fossilized Devourer
Hammer Diptera.png Diptera Ambrite Fossilized Grub.png Ambrite Fossilized Grub
Longbow Odonata.png Odonata Ambrite Fossilized Dragonfly.png Ambrite Fossilized Dragonfly
Rifle Mantodea.png Mantodea Ambrite Fossilized Mantis.png Ambrite Fossilized Mantis
Short Bow Culicidae.png Culicidae Ambrite Fossilized Mosquito.png Ambrite Fossilized Mosquito
Staff Hymenoptera.png Hymenoptera Ambrite Fossilized Hornet.png Ambrite Fossilized Hornet