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Astral weapons

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Astral weapons are crafted level 80 Exotic weapons introduced in Daybreak.



Item Type Item link
Main hand
Astral Cleaver.png Marshal's Astral Cleaver Axe
Astral Razor.png Marshal's Astral Razor Dagger
Astral Knobkerrie.png Marshal's Astral Knobkerrie Mace
Astral Revolver.png Marshal's Astral Revolver Pistol
Astral Scepter.png Marshal's Astral Scepter Scepter
Astral Khopesh.png Marshal's Astral Khopesh Sword
Off hand
Astral Apparatus.png Marshal's Astral Apparatus Focus
Astral Disk.png Marshal's Astral Disk Shield
Astral Beacon.png Marshal's Astral Beacon Torch
Astral Harbinger.png Marshal's Astral Harbinger Warhorn
Astral Avenger.png Marshal's Astral Avenger Greatsword
Astral Orrery.png Marshal's Astral Orrery Hammer
Astral Longbow.png Marshal's Astral Longbow Longbow
Astral Cannon.png Marshal's Astral Cannon Rifle
Astral Short Bow.png Marshal's Astral Short Bow Short bow
Astral Spire.png Marshal's Astral Spire Staff



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