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Shimmering weapons

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Shimmering weapons are a set of crafted Exotic weapons with selectable prefixes introduced with the Heart of Thorns release. They are associated with the Lost Precipice Guild Hall.


Recipes to craft Shimmering weapons are taught by Chiaroscuro <weapon> recipe sheets, for example Recipe: Chiaroscuro Greatswords, which are available from the Guild Weaponsmith in any Guild Hall once the Guild Weaponsmith 2 upgrade has been completed at guild level 40. Each recipe sheet teaches the recipe for both the Shimmering weapon and the corresponding Tenebrous weapon. Each one costs:

Each recipe requires level 450 in either Weaponsmith tango icon 20px.png Weaponsmith, Huntsman tango icon 20px.png Huntsman, or Artificer tango icon 20px.png Artificer depending on the weapon type.

Each Shimmering weapon requires the following materials for crafting:

The Guild weapon needed for crafting is soulbound, so make sure you buy it on the character you want to craft the Shimmering weapon on.


Item Type Item link
Main hand
Shimmering Axe.pngShimmering Axe Axe
Shimmering Dagger.pngShimmering Dagger Dagger
Shimmering Mace.pngShimmering Mace Mace
Shimmering Pistol.pngShimmering Pistol Pistol
Shimmering Scepter.pngShimmering Scepter Scepter
Shimmering Sword.pngShimmering Sword Sword
Off hand
Shimmering Focus.pngShimmering Focus Focus
Shimmering Shield.pngShimmering Shield Shield
Shimmering Torch.pngShimmering Torch Torch
Shimmering Warhorn.pngShimmering Warhorn Warhorn
Shimmering Greatsword.pngShimmering Greatsword Greatsword
Shimmering Hammer.pngShimmering Hammer Hammer
Shimmering Longbow.pngShimmering Longbow Longbow
Shimmering Rifle.pngShimmering Rifle Rifle
Shimmering Short Bow.pngShimmering Short Bow Short bow
Shimmering Staff.pngShimmering Staff Staff

Available prefixes[edit]

Players may freely choose one of the following prefixes for each weapon. This may only be done once.


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