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Jade Punk weapons

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Jade Punk weapons

The Jade Punk weapons are an ascended weapon set with Dragon's stats.



The recipes can be bought from Xunlai Jade Sales Associate in exchange of 100 Research Notes each. Purchasing all recipes costs a total of 1,600  Research Note.png Research Notes.


After learning the respective recipe, crafting the weapon requires level 500 of the crafting discipline. Each of the 16 weapons costs:


Item Type Item link
Main hand
Jade Punk Axe.png Jade Punk Axe Axe
Jade Punk Dagger.png Jade Punk Dagger Dagger
Jade Punk Mace.png Jade Punk Mace Mace
Jade Punk Pistol.png Jade Punk Pistol Pistol
Jade Punk Scepter.png Jade Punk Scepter Scepter
Jade Punk Sword.png Jade Punk Sword Sword
Off hand
Jade Punk Focus.png Jade Punk Focus Focus
Jade Punk Shield.png Jade Punk Shield Shield
Jade Punk Torch.png Jade Punk Torch Torch
Jade Punk Warhorn.png Jade Punk Warhorn Warhorn
Jade Punk Greatsword.png Jade Punk Greatsword Greatsword
Jade Punk Hammer.png Jade Punk Hammer Hammer
Jade Punk Longbow.png Jade Punk Longbow Longbow
Jade Punk Rifle.png Jade Punk Rifle Rifle
Jade Punk Short Bow.png Jade Punk Short Bow Short bow
Jade Punk Staff.png Jade Punk Staff Staff


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