Fire Magic

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Fire Magic is a trait line of the elementalist that focuses on use of fire magic and conjured weapons.

Per point:

Power.png Power +50
Condition Duration.png Condition Duration +5%
Tier Name Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Adept Trait elementalist.png Flame Barrier You have a chance to cause burning whenever a foe attacks you in melee. Only triggers when attuned to fire.
Master Trait elementalist.png Sunspot Inflict damage at your location when you attune to fire.
Grandmaster Trait elementalist.png Burning Rage Deal more damage to burning foes.
Adept Trait I.png Lava Tomb Create a Lava Font when downed. Deal more damage while downed.
Adept Trait II.png Conjurer Conjured weapons have more charges.
Adept Trait III.png Ember's Might Burns you apply last longer.
Adept Trait IV.png Spell Slinger Cantrips grant you might when used.
Adept Trait V.png Burning Precision 2 Critical hits have a chance to cause burning.
Adept Trait VI.png Internal Fire Deal more damage while attuned to fire.
Master Trait VII.png Pyromancer's Alacrity Reduces recharge on all fire weapon skills.
Master Trait VIII.png Burning Fire Use Cleansing Fire automatically when you have a number of conditions on you.
Master Trait IX.png Fire's Embrace When you activate a signet, you gain a fire shield.
Master Trait X.png One with Fire Flame Barrier's chance to burn foes goes up the longer you are attuned to fire.
Grandmaster Trait XI.png Persisting Flames Blast finishers you execute on fire fields give fury. Fire fields last longer.
Grandmaster Trait XII.png Pyromancer's Puissance Each skill you use while attuned to fire grants you might.
Grandmaster Trait XIII.png Blinding Ashes 5 Blind foes that you burn.